See that broken girl?

See that broken girl's air?
See how she's just sitting there?
See her face?
See her soul showing its place?


See that broken life?

See that broken strife?

See that broken soul?

See that deep dark hole?


See how they try?

See how they cry?

See how they fail?

See her body frail?


See she can't be mended?

See how she has contended?

See how her life has become one?

See how it just drags on without fun?


See how you cannot shake her?

See how you cannot break her?

See how you cannot flee her?

See how you want to free her?


See how you don't let her be fixed?

See how you hold back mixed?

See how you watch?

See how her life is just a blotch?


See how her life is the same?

See how she doesn't fit her frame?

See how she longs to be gone?

See how she's withdrawn?

I got the idea from the fact I've always got something wrong with me... it's supposed to be a both emotional and physical 'wrong'

At the moment my knee is... twisted, not sure how I did it, but I think it happened while I was sleeping...