I had an eagle, but I let it fly.

I had a hero, but I let him die.

I had a lover, and I watched him cry.

I had the truth, but I told a lie.

I had his hand, so strong and stern.

I had his devotion, crackling with an infernos burn.

I had his eyes, they watched me yern.

I had his lessons, but I failed to learn.

I had his ear, with which he listened and stayed.

I had his faith, with which he hoped and he prayed.

I had his beauty, which in my bed he laid.

I had his kiss, soft and betrayed.

I have my regret, agonizing and pained.

I have my heart feeling tired and chained.

I have in the end, all that could be gained.

I have the memory of the days it rained.