A/n: Poem I've been meaning to post for awhile...

What is "memory"?

A simple fragment of mind?

Or is it really temporary?

Creating a never ending bind?

You see it.

You feel it.

You believe it.

You need it.

But was it really there?

Or did your imagination kick in

while all you did was stare?

Can you remember?

Do you even know

how to remember?

Or did it leave?

Like everything else...

Losing your sense of self...

Your name...

Your age...

Your family...

Your world...

Nothing's right anymore...

They keep saying:

"Don't worry!

You'll remember soon!"

But what if I don't?

What if I never do?

What is soon?!

How do I remember

someone who isn't me?

How do I remember

anyone but Kurogane?

How do you remember?

What do you do?

How can you...

when no one's close to you?

What is "remember?"

What is "self"?

Tell me!

So one day...

I'll remember too...