Think about it. These people insist on walking around, unapproachable and untouchable. They insist that any attack on them is a special kind of crime; that even offending their tender sensibilities should be a crime.

But this is only a symptom of their general insistence that they be allowed to live by a whole separate set of rules from the rest of society. Not only do they demand special treatment in mundane situations but, in fact, they insist that to exercise their cave man-like beliefs, they must be wholly unaccountable to anyone outside of their 'brotherhood'. When this attitude inevitably leads to abuses, they blame the victim. "They probably deserved it" is the common refrain. And when it becomes obvious that they clearly didn't, why, it's magically nobody's fault. It doesn't help that a large part of our own society seems taken by Stockholm Syndrome and will actually defend these miscreants. In fact, such appeasers are at least half the problem.

"But", one might say, "surely such brutes are only a small percentage of this group. Surely most of them are decent, hardworking folks, even if their beliefs are a bit silly." Perhaps that's true. Perhaps. But I do not see these moderates anywhere, nor hear them. There are the token denouncements of particular misconduct - when someone outside their fold braves very believable threats to their safety to bring these deeds to light, of course - but no systematic effort to clean their closets, and no honesty about what the fundamentals of their beliefs truly entail. If anything these supposed 'moderates' are simply enablers for the true believers among them. Whenever the 'extremists' come under attack, there are the 'moderates', defending the integrity of their ideological movement. In the rare instances that penalties are assigned, there go the 'moderates', pissing and moaning about how we lack understanding. When civilized folk express reasonable and understandable suspicion of one of their own, there are the moderates, decrying our supposed unfairness.

Enough is enough. All it takes is a good, hard look at the world to see where these people want to take us. Take a look at any country where these people are allowed to just do whatever they want: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, anywhere in Africa... you name it. You will always find widespread corruption, serial laziness caused on an individual level by perfectly reasonable fears of simply being looted of any wealth one produces, and endemic violence.

There can be no accomodation with these barbarians. If we give them equality, they will demand supremacy. If we give them supremacy, those of us they do not murder outright in our own homes they will stamp soundly under foot. They can not be reasoned with or trusted. All warfare is based on deception, as Sun Tzu says, and they are indeed at war with us; unending war until we are their slaves or they are all dead. They are at war with us because of the very nature of their beliefs and their very conception of society.

The only solution is self-defense, lethal and unremitting, starting now.

Kill cops!