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The Dark Woods and the Moon

The darkness that surrounded me was infinite. There was no escape; I couldn't turn my back on my pack.

It was too late now anyway. If I turned away, the consequences would be disastrous.

No matter how much I wanted to, there would be no escaping the brooding man who sat on the ivory throne. He had chosen me, out of all the mate able females in the pack, his gaze had settled on me with deadly intensity.

For the hundredth time that day I swallowed the growl that threatened to escape my throat. Oh how I wanted to draw my twin daggers and fight my way out. But it was not to be, I was already walking towards him, the spring festival was about to begin. My pack surrounded me, a silent escort to my doom.

I held my head high as I walked towards the mate I did not want. I belonged to no man and so I was resigned to fight back in the only way I could. This mating ceremony was the ultimate show of dominance. If the male caught the female then the female was his by right, but if the female got away, she was free to choose her own path.

This was my last chance to be free.

I took my place beside him and refused to look at him as I started to strip. The urge to change was strong, the anticipation of the chase coursed through me. The crack of bones, the elongation of face and claws and then I was standing on four paws.

I took a chance and glanced over at the silver wolf that stood beside me stretching. His body language lazy and relaxed, he was sure of victory.

It enraged me; this alpha male who thought I would be an easy conquest was in for a big surprise. Nobody, man or beast, could tame me.

With blinding accuracy my claws swiped across his face. I threw my body against his, knocking him to the dirt and took off into the forest. He thought me easy prey; I would show him his mistake.

I ran through the trees with him hot on my heels. I could hear him behind me and I knew he was gaining on me.

This was it, the beginning of the end.

I just hoped I was the one who came out on top. I wouldn't be able to stand it if I was bound to him for the rest of my life.

I ran, fueled by my fear and rage and I didn't stop until the day had turned to night and I came upon a shallow cave, the perfect hiding place for a run away bride. I was incredibly tired but I couldn't suppress the keen sense of triumph that washed over me. I had gotten away; I had out run one of the most powerful alphas the pack had ever seen.

As if mimicking my emotions, the sky rumbled and the heavens opened. It began to pour and I couldn't help the wolfish grin that curved my mussel. There was no way he would be able to find me now, not with the rain washing away my scent.

I was free.

I growled with contentment and allowed my body to melt back into human shape. The cool air was a little uncomfortable on my bare skin but I had endured worse. Being cold for a night was nothing compared to a lifetime bound to a mate I didn't love.

I would wait here for the night. Luckily, I had prepared for this. Over the last couple days I had visited this cave frequently, I had taken every step possible to ensure my success.

Blankets and clothes were stacked neatly against the far wall while my food and weapons were right beside the cave's entrance. This cave was more than just a safe hideaway; it was my back up plan if things got ugly. If he had somehow kept up with me then this cave would have been my saving grace. Not only was it full of all kinds of weapons, it was also protected by all sorts of traps. Traps that anyone who didn't know where to look would easily fall victim to.

I had gone through a lot of trouble to ensure my freedom, even if it meant resorting to traps.

With a sigh I pulled a short but comfortable deer skin dress over my head and began to make up my bed. Even if he had been able to follow me to this cave there was no way he'd be able to get around my traps. They were foul proof.

I buried into my blankets, a happy smile on my lips as I thought of the freedom that was now within my reach. So sure of my victory that I didn't even bother to stand watch, instead I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep. Blissfully unaware of how foolish I was.

Hands cupped and caressed my breasts. A delightful tingle ran down my spine and I moaned. I was never one to dream about sex, I usually had more important things to worry about and such activities hardly crossed my mind. But as the hands began to gently knead my nipples through the thin deer skin dress, I wondered idly why I had never dreamed like this before. It felt quite nice.

The hands slid over my stomach and down my sides until they reached the hem of my dress. They pushed the dress up to my waste and worked their way back up to my breasts.

I arched my back at the first touch of a thumb and forefinger and let out a little gasp when lips brushed against the curve of my throat. Heat pooled in my stomach and settled between my thighs. I wanted those hands to touch me there.

Lips brushed against mine, feather soft and teasing. Even though it was barely a touch it drew a gasp from my lips and the lips took full advantage and deepened the kiss. Our tongues met shyly at first, then more forcefully as pleasure took reign.

My hands traveled over a hard chest and came to a rest on broad shoulders. I dug my nails into skin when the lips traveled down my throat to my breast. A tongue darted out and drew the harden peak into a warm mouth. The feeling was incredible and it only seemed to feed the pleasure.

I squirmed and arched as I tried to ease the pressure that was building inside of me. I heard a soft groan in my ear followed by kisses all along my jaw and then a hand started to move downward. It lightly skimmed across my stomach and gripped my hips before settling over my most sensitive area.

That touch burned through my body and sent off warning bells in my head. All of this felt too real, the lips at my throat, the warm body that laid half over me. Something wasn't right; I shifted slightly and fought my exhausted slumber. The growls in my ear became loader and instead of disappearing, the pleasure from my dream only intensified.

A finger slipped into me and my eyes flew wide open. All notions of this being a dream were vanquished when the finger slowly began to move in and out of me and all I could see was a head of white, blonde hair buried in the crook of my neck. I was held tightly against a lean body and I could see the powerful muscles in his arms and shoulders. This man was practically oozing male contentment. The growls in my ear were harsh but possessive, the sounds of a wolf claiming his mate.

Goddess help me.

He had found me.

That thought was like a bucket of cold water. I clamped my legs together and began to struggle, he went deathly still but he didn't remove himself from inside me.

He growled softly in my ear and then pushed himself up on an elbow. Two stormy grey eyes met mine and I quaked. I could see a mixture of emotion I couldn't name flicker in his eyes before a thick layer of ice covered them.

I bucked my hips and tried to get away from him, but if anything, this just served to anger him and his grip tightened. His invasion of my body was never more apparent.

"Get off me." I hissed. I was on the brink of panic, with him this close I couldn't think properly.

"I chased you for half a night," his voice was silky smooth and dangerous, "avoided your blasted traps and found you asleep in this cave without a care and all you can tell me is to get off you?" He removed his finger from me and moved his hand up to grip my waist.

"Sorry love, but that's not how this works." He lowered his head and nibbled on my ear. A small tingle of pleasure shot through me and a little gasp escaped my lips. I was losing the will to fight; my body didn't want to do what my mind told it.

He sucked on the skin right below my ear and the soft growling sound thrummed through me. It was so soft, it was almost like a purr and it had an uncanny calming effect on me.

I moved my head to the side so he would have better access to my neck and felt the little growls get louder. His hand began to knead at my hip, neither continuing up nor moving down. He just traced little calming patterns across my skin.

Through the haze of emotions and jumbled thoughts I saw a small glitter a couple feet across from me. It was hard to concentrate with his hands and lips working their magic but I managed to focus enough to see one of my daggers laying a couple feet from me. The independent part of me screamed at me, begging me to make a try for the dagger.

Being bound to the Ivory King was not what I wanted. I was born to run in the dark woods and fight for the protection of the pack, not be shackled to an alpha male who's only thought was to dominate me.

I was not made for that life.

Quick as a snake, I drove my knee into his stomach and swung my hand at his exposed throat. It wasn't the most successful plan, considering he avoided my hand, but it accomplished what I needed it to. His grip on me weakened enough for me to worm my way out of his embrace and make a mad scramble for the dagger.

I didn't get very far before a hand clamped down on my wrist and I found myself on my back looking up into stormy grey eyes.

"I won't be shackled to a man whose only interest is in showing the pack that he tamed the red wolf!" I spat, just as angry as he was. "I was born for the dark woods and the moon; I'm of better use to you as a warrior."

I was so angry, his naked length pressed me deeper into the blankets and I snarled. I had obeyed every command he had ever given me, ever since I had joined the pack five years ago. I had been fifteen and in awe of the ivory alpha. The pack became the home I never had. To repay them for their love and kindness I had volunteered for all the dangerous missions, the drive to protect them was overwhelming. Fighting was what I knew best and I used everything at my disposal to ensure that I still had a home to come back to.

And now, everything I knew was going to change.

To my horror, tears pricked my eyes and overflowed in unexpected streams down my face. Tears I had never allowed myself to cry, not even when I had lost everything. The worst part was I was blubbering in front of my alpha, the leader of my pack.

I felt him sigh and then I was being pulled gently into his lap. I curled up and allowed him to wrap an arm around my waist while the other ran soothingly through my long red hair. The soft growling was still there, but it had changed. Instead of the rumbling possessiveness, it was meant to sooth and comfort.

"Is being mated to me really that bad?" He asked softly. "It was the only way I could think of to get you to look at me." He wiped my tears from my cheeks with a thumb.

"What do you mean?" I kept my eyes down, my head nestled comfortably under his chin.

There was silence for a couple minutes as he continued to run his hands through my hair and down my back, and then up again. When I started to fidget he pulled back slightly and tipped up my chin, forcing me to meet his eyes. "Today is the first day you've ever really looked at me, no matter what I did; I couldn't get you to meet my gaze."

Smoky, grey eyes stared down at me with an emotion I couldn't read and my breath caught, I was drowning in them.

"For five years I've felt this bond between us. My heart, my blood, my soul calls out for you." His fingertips began to trace random patterns over my skin and little volts of tingles followed wherever he touched me. I was speechless, unbelieving.

"I don't want you to give up the dark woods or the moon." He continued. His breath ruffled my hair as he kissed my forehead. "I only ask that I run by your side."

I was stunned. My thoughts were in a jumble and I could hardly think.

He didn't want to break me? The thought brought a flood of happiness. I can't explain it, but it was like someone had lifted a gigantic weight from my shoulders.

"Why me?" It was a whisper, little more than a breath, but I knew he heard me.

He was silent for a moment and then he began to speak. "When I first saw you five years ago, you had lost everything, but you kept going. The pack fell in love with you and you did whatever you could to keep them safe." He kissed each of my eyelids.

"You walk like a Queen, so proud but never with your nose in the air, just confident in your abilities and yourself." He kissed the bridge of my nose.

"I can smell the earth and the woods and everything wild and good when you are near." He moved slowly down my cheek, his lips searing a fiery trail.

"I need a Queen who can run beside me as my partner and mate, someone who will rule with kindness and strength." He kissed his way down my jaw and came to hover over my own lips.

"Because you complete me." He barely had time to finish that sentence before I pulled him down and crushed his lips to mine. I was crying again, but these tears didn't burn as they slid down my cheeks. They were tears of happiness, of hope.

Never had I allowed myself to act upon the attraction I felt for the Ivory King. He was something to admire but never touch. Even when he had challenged me to the mating festival I had looked at him as something that must never be touched.

I had thought he had wanted to tame me, to change me.

The reality was so much better.

He deepened the kiss and smiled against my lips.

He lowered me slowly to the blankets, his lips never leaving mine. He held himself over me, supporting his weight with his hand.

Unlike last time I wasn't scared, if anything I wanted to be as close to him as possible and I showed my contentment by wrapping my arms around his neck.

He pulled back to look at me and I made a sound of protest in the back of my throat. I tried to bring his mouth back down to mine but he stubbornly kept his mouth out of reach.

"Say you're mine." He whispered and dipped his head down so his lips barely brushed mine. "Say you'll be my Queen."

His tongue darted out and traced my lips but he quickly avoided my lips when I tried to deepen the kiss. My frustration grew with every avoided touch and brush of lips; it was slowly driving me insane.

"Pleaseā€¦" I moaned, not certain what exactly I was begging for, but I knew that his absence made me feel hallow. I didn't want to feel how I use to, I didn't want to wake up and find him gone.

"Say you accept me." He whispered, once again avoiding my lips.

"Yes." I whispered. He swooped down and captured my lips in a hard kiss, then as quickly as it started, he pulled away.

"Yes what?" He demanded.

"Yes, I accept you." I breathed. "Yes, I'll be your mate."

He growled with pure male satisfaction and for once in my life, I felt whole. I had found what was always missing. He leaned back down and captured my lips in the kiss that sealed our fate.

We were forever bound.

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