Title: Switch-a-soul

Summary: One dark stormy night, Joshua and Julie get struck by lightning and awake the next morning to find themselves in…each others' bodies!? The problem is…how do they switch back?

Disclaimer: I do not own World Wrestling Entertainment, Neopets, and all names, schools, streets are fictional and anything/anyone which resembles them in any way is purely coincidental. Channing Tatum is real, though. :P

"DIE, PENGUIN, DIE!" I yelled, jabbing the keyboard violently.

"Woah joo, calm down, will you?" Josh injected, looking up from his biology book.

I grin, eyes still focused intensely on the screen, where my character, a red-looking dinosaur, was playing tug-of-war with a mysterious-looking Egyptian penguin. It was called a Bruce, I think.

"Anyway," He continued, "When are you gonna grow out of Neopets?"

"I just need to chill out a bit, ok? Now just shut up and study." I retorted, fingers punching the keys with a strength and speed that would scare a WWE champion.

"Yeah, before you break my keyboard…" Josh muttered out loud, obviously meant for me to hear.

I rolled my eyes and laughed. I didn't mind Josh's remarks. Besides, we had been best friends since six. And we're already 16. Yeah, I know, you must be thinking, like how many people can actually have a best friend since six?

Josh and I are the bestest best friends in the whole world. Gosh, I don't mean to sound like I'm in kindergarten or something…but he's all the best bud of all time. And, I think Josh being a guy, sans all bitchiness in our friendship.

I have my girlfriends, of course. It's great, you know, hanging out with them, going gaga over Channing Tatum, gossiping about the latest…well, gossip. But well…Josh's different. I mean, other than the obvious fact that he's a guy, but it seemed like we knew each other since the age of the dinosaurs, (disregarding the fact that we watched "The Land Before Time" together) and got along so well it surprises me, sometimes. It was like we could read each other's minds. Sometimes.

I turn to face Josh and bit my lip a little. His whole face was scrunched up in concentration. I felt a twang of guilt… I was supposed to be the tutor here!

Okay Julie Marshals, Neopets is so not your thing.

I sighed and clicked the x button on top of the browser and sidled back to my chair next to Josh.

Josh looked up and cocked an eyebrow, "Done so fast already? I'd expected a longer trip down kiddy lane."

"Shut up," I said, shoving his shoulder lightly. "That penguin was getting my ass kicked anyway."

"Sometimes Joo," he turned a page, "I think you never grow up."

"Josh…" I said menacingly, but unable to keep the humour out of my voice, "I'll kick your ass if you don't shut up."

He laughed. It was like this light chuckle intermingled with deep resonance. "Oh shut up, Julie. Come and help me already."

I pretended to be slightly miffed by his comment but leaned over to help whatever he needed help with anyway. I aced at bio, he aced at physics. I never could get physics. It was like a guy thing. Most of the guys in my class practically hogged all the A's.

Gawd, I wish I had a guy brain.

Uh….on second thought, actually no. 'Cause that would make me a lesbian, and I wouldn't want to be a lesbian because technically…

"Hello? Julie!"

"Ye-yea?" I snapped up, looking at Josh's gorgeously endearing green pools of emerald eyes is that even grammatically correct?. Don't get me wrong, I don't fancy Josh in that way, I just love his eyes. They absolutely did not deserve to be on that guy. He had enough good genes, thank you very much. They belonged to me! ME!

"What? What are you talking about?" Josh looked at me curiously.

Whoops. Did I just say that out loud? I gave a nervous laugh, "Uh…nothing."

He turned back to the biology book, sighing. "You know, Julie, I swear you're zoning out too much lately."

I stared at him closely. Oh shucks, was he pissed?

"No. I was just thinking about your eyes."

"My eyes?" He turned back to me, a small smile tugging at his lips now.

I cursed myself silently for saying that.

"Yeah…you know how much I like them."

"No, I don't. Tell me," He said, the smile already sneaking up his whole face.

Liar. I had admitted it to him how many million times before. I shot him a glare and jabbed his ribs playfully, "Stop trying to make me boost your ego, Joshua Gomez!"

Oh – and did I mention Josh had an Italian-American father? That probably contributed to his great skin tone. And did I mention that everything I ever wanted as a girl, was on Josh? Nice eyes, great tan, silky dark brown hair…Okay shut up, Julie. You're rambling too much.

A deep laugh escaped Josh's throat as he tried unsuccessfully to grab my hands, which I dodged with ease, and my fingers dove for his sides, making him squirm around even more. Joshua Gomez was a sucker for tickles.

And then, it happened.

I mean, it wasn't a very big thing but…

Joshua's arm brushed past my boob.

OMG, how ridiculous does that sound?

Anyway, I think I er…stiffened for a moment. Joshua stopped laughing too. (I told you we could read each other's minds!) And then I tried to act as if nothing ever happened and proceeded to elbow him on the thighs and laughed as his face looked as if he was about to blow up from holding it in.

And then we went back to our work, as usual. But I think, secretly, inside me, I was kind of embarrassed. I hoped Joshua didn't even feel it. He sure acted normal, which reassured me.

I glanced at Joshua's big, glow-in-the-dark clock hanging on the wall above his wardrobe.

"Okay, play time's up. Gotta go."

"Play time?" Joshua scoffed mockingly. He rubbed his temples tiredly, "Gawd, I feel as if my brain's fried."

I laughed as I stood up, packing up my things, "Yeah, whatever. You just have a small capacity for knowledge."

"Excuse me?" He mock-glared and poked me on my side.

"Josh!" I yelped, laughing as he tickled me even more, "Stop it!"

Did I mention that I was sucker for tickles too? Well yeah, I was.

I dropped my books on the table as I tried failingly to push his hands away from me. Okay, so now it was my turn. But he was stronger than I thought (Duh!) and tackled me onto his bed, which was behind us.

"Do you dare insult me again?" He threatened, fingers relentlessly tickling my side.

"Okay, okay!" I giggled, tears rolling down my cheeks already.

"Okay." He said, with a satisfied smirk and got off me.

I stayed on his bed, clutching my sides, which hurt so much from the laughing and tickling, and caught my breath.

"Josh, you are the greatest idiot on Earth."

"Greatest? Idiot? That's an oxymoron, my dear." He said matter-of-factly. "You're contradicting yourself."

I rolled my eyes but grinned. Gawd – it wasn't fair. That guy always had to have the last word.

"So…DVD night tonight?" He asked, emerald eyes on me.

"Yep. As always." I nodded, and got up and fixed my red, coppery hair, which always managed to get itself tangled up in a mess.

"Okay so at 8 tonight? Outside your house."

"Okay." I nodded again, teasing my hair into a ponytail.

He handed me my books as I walked towards him. "See you later!" I said, and walked out of his door.

"Not going by the window?" He called out.

Oh I think I forgot to mention that Joshua and I were neighbours. We stayed in a duplex…and his room was located just beside mine on the third level. We used to climb over all the time.

But the last time I tried scaling the roof…the neighbour across the street caught me and thought I was attempting suicide. He called in the cops, with sirens and all…and let's just say it wasn't a very pretty sight. Result – I was grounded for a month while Josh and I suffered a scolding which lasted for eternity.

I whipped around and glared, "So not funny Josh!"

Those emerald eyes grinned with mischief. "Oh yeah…that. Maybe we should try it again next month."

I rolled my eyes and flashed a "Whatever" sign and stomped off towards the oak staircase. I could hear rock music blasting faintly from Joshua's brother's room from the next landing below as I thudded down the steps.

"Hey Mrs. Gomez!" I said chirpily as I reached the grounding. Mrs. Gomez was dressed in a floral apron, oven mitt in hand as she skillfully slid a tray out from the oven. Whatever she cooking smelled so good. I could hear my stomach growling away in jealousy.

"Julie!" She said, glancing up briefly, "Going back so soon?"

"Uh, it's dinner time." I stated flatly, standing in the kitchen doorway.

"Mm hmm…okay give Hanny my regards!" She said distractedly.

I nodded and waved, but I doubt she saw me anyway. Hanny's my mum. She and Joshua's mother clicked almost instantly as Joshua and I did.

I walked past the living room, where Joshua's 12 year old sister was watching "Totally Spies".

"Hey Rebecca."

Rebecca turned around, and I found myself staring at those coveted emerald eyes.

"Oh. Hey Julie!" Her eyes widened in delight.

"Hey." I said again.

"Where's Janice?" She asked. Janice was my little sister.

"Ballet class." I grunted.

"Oh. Okay." She shrugged, and turned back to see Clover, Sam and Alex get tossed into a huge mud hole.

Rebecca had light chestnut-coloured hair and was sitting with her knees propped up. She used to be really chatty but then she sort of got…well, muted this year. I know, I know, I'm mean. I try to talk to her. Joshua tries but he says it's worse with him. Whatever. I think she's just lonely from all the testosterone in the house, wouldn't blame her.

So finally, I opened the gate and reached my house.

Joshua's POV

I grinned as I watched Julie's receding back view from my bedroom.

She is so fun to hang out with. It's amazing how we actually maintained a…decade of a friendship! Wow. Congratulations buddy, you deserve the 'best friend' award. I grinned to myself again.

Most of our common childhood friends had drifted away from each other, puberty getting in the way. But Julie and I? Nah. It was like we couldn't get enough of each other.

From playing "Play Dough" together, watching "Power Rangers", feeding baby Becky chili (we got a huge scolding from my mum after that), fighting over yoyos, mourning when my dog died, so on and so forth.

Puberty was a huge bummer. I remember Julie shooting up before me and her teasing of how short I was. When I finally caught up with her, (and now towered over her for that matter), she laughed at my wavering voice. When my voice deepened, she complained of chest pain.

I used to think, for a period of time, there was something wrong with her heart, or lungs. But then, as education would have it, I realized her breasts were just forming. And then, I took my revenge by accidentally bumping into her front whenever we played tag.

But that was a long time ago. I yawned.

I looked down at my desk which had books all strewn over my light-coloured wooden table top.

I proceeded to clear it as my thoughts ran over to what happened earlier today.

I knew I had touched Julie's breast. Accidentally, excuse me.

And it felt…soft.

But well duh. What did you expect, Gomez? Hard?

I shook those thoughts away as I swept some eraser dust off into the dustbin. It was just weird…thinking about your best friend that way.

I knew she felt kind of…violated? The way she stiffened up immediately and how the colour started rising up her cheeks. So I stopped and felt a bit awkward too.

I was about to apologize when she suddenly reverted back to her normal self and elbowed me in the thighs. Gosh – was that girl taking revenge or what?

You must understand that I fully respect Julie as a girl. God knows how rarely I think of her that way. I almost forget, sometimes.

But I take precaution when I'm doing something physical with her. Like tickling? I know the "restricted zones". Like I can't go higher nor lower or she'll shout murder. Actually, I don't know what she'll do. I've never tried it.

And I'm not going to.

But have you ever thought about it?

Shut up.

Ah ha! Maybe you have.

I don't hit on best friends, perverted brain.

I whacked myself on the forehead. It gets too noisy up there sometimes.

I wouldn't say Julie's unattractive. She's got long, red, coppery hair, fair complexion, and amazing bluish-green eyes. She says she's in love with the colour of my eyes half the time but I wouldn't mind trading mine for hers either.

The intercom outside my room bleeped. There was some static, and then my mum's voice buzzed in, "Joshua! Dinner's ready. Go call your brother. I don't think he can hear anything above that God awful noise." And then the intercom bleeped out.

My mum gave up shouting 3 stories up a few years ago.

I switched off my table lamp and headed for the stairs, doing a detour to my older brother's room before going down to the dining area.

I pulled on a dark green jacket before heading into the cool night.

"Bye mum! I'm watching DVDs with Julie tonight!" I yelled before opening the front door.

"Be careful dear! Watch out for cars, don't follow strangers…"

I closed the large, white wooden door quietly behind me and rammed my hands into my jacket pockets.

I opened the looming, black metal gates of my house and crossed over to Julie's car porch. Their lights were on and I could hear the TV blaring from within. Then I heard some girl screams and the same, large white wooden front door slammed open with Julie's back facing me.

"And don't you DARE say anymore!" She yelled to whoever was inside and pushed it closed.

"Hey Joo. Nice show there."

She jumped as she turned around to face me. She was wearing a red sweater and blue jeans.

"Josh! My gawd, you scared me!" She ran over and punched me on the shoulder.

"Ow! That hurt." I faked, rubbing my shoulder.

"Oh – really?" She said, her aquamarine eyes immediately flooded with concern. No. Ha Ha. Sucker.

"No." I said, giving her a jab in the stomach with my elbow and ran away. I knew that hurt.

"Argh! JOSHUA!" She hollered down the street and chased me all the way to the DVD rental shop.

Julie's POV.

I swung the plastic bag with the DVD we'd rented in my hands as we walked down the deserted street.

"I'm so glad you agreed to watch 'She's the Man' again!" I sang out loud. "Thank. You. Joshua!"

"You owe me that hamburger." He muttered and slipped a hood over his head. The gale was getting stronger and leaves swept across the sidewalk.

I grinned wickedly at him, who was slouching in his jacket wrapped round him.

Okay – so technically, Joshua hadn't agreed to watching 'She's the Man'. He wanted to watch "Superman Returns." But I begged him and worked up my charms. Ok, ok, so my charms didn't really work because I ended up agreeing to treat him to a hamburger if we spent tonight watching 'She's the Man' anyway.

"I luuuuuurve Channing Tatum. Don't you love him?"

"Julie. I'm not gay." He rolled his eyes. Thunder rumbled in the distance. "Uh-oh."

"What?" I asked, looking up at him. He was 180 cm, about a head taller than me, thank you very much.

"Thunder." He gave me that 'isn't it obvious' look with his piercing emerald eyes.

"Oh…" I looked up at the sky. It was totally dark.

"Let's walk faster." He grabbed my arm and dragged me along with him.

"Uh Josh! Wait UP. Not everyone has such long legs as yours…" I whined. But I had to admit, I liked his warmth.

We felt a light drizzle on our faces. I shut up and fell in step with him.

The rain started getting heavier and lightning flashed across our faces. I involuntarily leaned in closer to Joshua.

We were already reaching our neighbourhood.

Joshua was completely drenched and raindrops fell freely on my face and hair although I was burying it in Joshua's arms. Then, there was a large boom across the sky and a crack of lightning. I jumped.

"Joshua…I'm scared."

"We're almost there." He said, and slung an arm over my shoulder and pulled me closer. I liked this about Josh. He always made me feel protected.

I felt the heavy rain pelting on my back and the wetness of my clothes soaked on my skin. The wind was blowing really hard.

There was another loud drum roll of thunder but we were already in front of my house.

And then – it happened.

I saw a flash of lightning. It was so bright it was blinding. I screamed.

And then everything went dark.

A/n: I thought it'd be really fun to write a story like this. I got inspiration after watching 'She's the Man'! I think I'll be sticking with Julie's POV for quite a while. It's funner. :) Please review and leave a comment! No flames please.