Battle Wounds
by: trista groulx

Perhaps if I were confined to a hospital bed
Perhaps then you might notice my suffering
Maybe if I laid before with not a limb unbroken
Maybe then you'd take some notice of me
But my disease it rages deep within my mind
The wounds which cut the deepest you will never seen
By outward appearance I look as any other
When you take a look inside, the tragedy you'd see
But I am not going to be cut open
The doctors cannot remove it
They may allow me to medicate it
Trying to keep it at bay
But you will never see the effects
The toll it has taken upon me
For all it's toxin lay deep within my mind
If only I could be broken
In a hospital bed for you to diagnose
But this disease it is all within me
A battle waged deep inside the mind
To make it all seen by those I love
I'd need to take foreign object to my skin
But I will not allow this affliction to take over
I simply won't give in and deepen the pain for show
Even as my mind sometimes goes to dark places
I know you shall never see it
The battles must be waged deep within me
But I know they still take place
And somehow I shall with the war