The Phoenix That Fell

I watch as she walks away, soon to be gone.

Alone in the world with my face to the sun,

Cast to the winds, I am shipwrecked and drifting.

Feet to the fire, smoke of my torment is lifting.

Fates are against me, they circle above

Waiting to feast on my ruinous love,

A struggle to keep me from coming unhinged.

Was this really justice, or only revenge?

I have travelled so long,

Just to see I was wrong

To believe we were strong.

The things that I felt when I looked at her face

Took over my dreams with desire in their place.

She brought me relief from a world gone insane.

Addiction meant nothing to deaden the pain.

I once heard her say with a sigh and a smile

"Some things are worth knowing the pain for a while."

Feeling the hurt, I don't know what to do,

I'd beg for her mercy if she'd want me to.

All the things that she said

Have reborn in my head,

Come again from the dead.

She fell from the sky and I caught her descent.

A flash of illusion, her passion was spent.

I tried to redeem, but was fated to be

A soul scorched and scarred from the brand set in me.

From edge of abyss and the bottomless pit,

The distance to fall is unknown 'til you hit.

The agony rages and rules in the end,

And shapes all you wish that your life might have been.

Though I lie in the dark

There's a fire, from a spark

Where her touch left its mark.

There once flew relentless a being of flame

Beyond the horizon, its spirit untamed

Thirsting for knowledge, 'til there was no more

To learn from existence on this hither shore.

And now life grows bitter with each passing day,

Its promise of comfort has long gone away.

The one that I loved made me cold in return.

Apathy's slave, I felt more when I burned.

When its all said and done

There is less, and there's none

Left of what we have won.