Brothers Stand

Zooming over the parts of rubble, dust picking up from behind came the 'Star-Line'; a thin narrow craft. The craft itself looked like it had been through a war zone, dents, bumps, marks, even one or two bullet holes. There were red markings on the 'Star-Line' The markings zigzagged along the wings and on the tail, the body however was dull, silver in colour. It had its headlights on, although one light kept blinking and the other was completely gone. In the cockpit, there were only two seats… and really only enough room for two seats. They were placed one in front of the other, both looked like they were falling apart. Scratch marks covered them, padding sticking out in a few places.

Sitting in the back seat was a male in his late twenties. His hair was brown, spiky on the top with the odd blue bead placed in, right down to the end of the root, there were around about sixteen of this beads, oddly placed, though there was no purpose to this at all. When open, his eyes were dark blue, almost matching the colour of the beads. He was of medium build, very strong, firm cheek bones and a handsome smile. Light stubble grew along the bottom of his jaw and joined at his chin, then when up to his lower lip. The man was not one to play with, an old scar was seen clear as day, laying on his head, just above his ear, going up a good four inches. This man went by the name of Javier.

In front of Javier sat a male, slightly younger; mid twenties, the same shade of hair, just not as wild and out of place; thick, yet controlled. He was also a smaller build, where as Javier's chest and shoulders were something not to shame, this male was thinner, and a much lighter frame. His eyes just slightly a lighter tone of blue, softer to look at. Skyler was the males name. He held the double-handed control, which had control of Star-Line. The cockpit was alive with a large number of switches; some had dim lights flickering under them.

Both sets of eyes were scanning below for any signs of life. Below them was a destroyed city. Nothing as far as the eye could see but ruins, wreckage and the remains of all of the poor souls that had been caught; either shot to death… or mauled by the look of it on some of the bodies, or infact horribly beaten down and crushed by the large chunks of buildings that lay shattered over the earth.

"Ready to land her?" Javier asked, but only received a nod from his brother. "Sky? Oi, you listening?"

"Yes… I am, but, I am just looking. Is nothing showing up?"

"Nought, little guy, nought." Javier said, taking a glance at a radar that beeped quietly, scanning the area below, "No signs of life, I mean, look around you, I could have told you that." Giving off a heavy sigh, Skyler flew Star-Line lower to the rubble. "Careful!" Javier snapped, "You're a bit low."

"You're not the only one in our family whom can fly."

"I know, Father can, and I can." Javier grinned, reaching forwards he ruffled his little brothers hair. "Dad never said anything about you flying though!" he almost shouted through a laugh, then patted Skyler on the shoulder, making him dart the craft off to the left.

"Sit back!" Skyler called, "Get off!" he muttered. "Damn it…" There was a bang under Star-Line that jolted them both back in their old chairs.

"Sky! You hit something! You stupid tit!"

Blinking very slowly, Skyler pulled the control back, Star-Line moved up away from the rubble, turning to the right a little. "Well you knocked me…" he stated, but didn't have the courage to look back at Javier.

"Whatever, I'm telling Dad, you know? Though… could have been worst, I mean, when we left you nearly hit the tail-end of the bloody captains ship… All of space and you almost lose me my job."

Yes, it was true, this was Skyler's first time flying, but, in his own mind, he wasn't doing that bad, truth be told, he thought he was doing fairly well. There was, after all, no real damage to Star-Line, right? No warning signs had gone off, no flashing lights, nor messages shouting.

"Take her down." Javier told him, "I'll leave you to land on your own, find a place to put her safely, I don't want to stay here too long. I don't care whom we are looking for, there is no-one here alive, Sky, why build your hopes up?"

"Hope is all we have here."

"It's wasted then."

Choosing to ignore this, Skyler brought Star-Line up, then turned slightly to the left, flicking a few switches down. A creaking came, three legs lowered themselves out; underneath Star-Line, two at the back and one at the front, dust rose up quickly as the craft came down, softly bouncing when the legs touched the ground.

"Little bumpy, eh?" Teased Javier.

Skyler rolled his eyes, "Something called suspension…"

Once the dust had settled, the thick glass lifted up, opening the cockpit. Through most of the dust had settled, it was still very hard to breathe, the air was dirty, heavy. Skyler pulled himself out of the craft and walked forwards, yanking up a little of his shirts collar to cover his mouth and nose with.

"Don't go too far." Javier called, making no attempt to move himself from his chair. He lose sight of Skyler within just a few moments, but wasn't worried, turning his head, the radar was still beeping, one white dot moving away from the craft; Skyler.

Time ticked by slowly, Javier was slipping into sleep again, a deep yawn leaving him as he folded his arms behind his head. His eyes closed and gave out a soft sigh. Drifting in and out of sleep, noticing every time his eyes half opened that Skyler hadn't returned, he groaned, turning to rest on his side in his old chair. "Damn little brother." he whispered, shaking his head slightly before once again drifting into sleep.

Beep… Beep… Beep, beep, beep, beep!

Waking, Javier turned to face the radar quickly at the sound of the beeping, he frowned, "Sky?" he asked, looking at the radar as it scanned, a white dot was getting closer and closer to Star-Line. "Sky?" Javier asked again, "Brother, this isn't funny, bloody talk to me."

But no answer came to him, just the faint sound of heavy breathing. Sitting bolt up right in his chair, Javier glanced at the radar as another white spot appeared on the screen. His eyes grew wider, "Hell no…" he said, but the words wouldn't have been heard by no-one. The first white spot had stopped, but the second was coming up from the left, getting closer and closer, Javier turned his head to the side to see the faint outline of a hunched over creature, around six foot tall, four thick legs and a heavy head, low to the ground, a long snout. Spikes shot up from the back of this creature, bursting through the skin along its spine. A rattling noise came from its throat.

"Oh shit." Javier whispered. Still not moving his body yet, Javier sit firmly in his chair. Wishing the beast to turn, the rattling came again, then a high pitched scream left the ugly creature and it whipped its tail up, a spike in the tip. Javier stared, then scrambled into the seat as the creature bolted forwards towards Star-Line. Flicking switches, Javier raced his arms about, until the engine was heard starting, he was too late to pull the glass hatch down though, the creature leapt for him. Diving from the craft, Javier hit the ground hard, rolling to his back, the creature had crashed right into the hatch, luckily, not smashing it was heard, but it gave out another scream.

Unclipping his gun from his belt, Javier pulled himself to his feet and took up the gun, his finger closed on the trigger four times, over and over again. His eyes looking up to the creatures two shinning black ones. It crawled back at the pelt of the bullets upon it's chest, tar-like blood rolled from its body, dripping to the ground. As it moved back, Javier came forwards, "Get back!" he yelled at it, "Back!" he ordered. Sending off two more rounds at it, aiming for its head, but getting its shoulder and neck. A rattling was heard and Javier shot his head to the left, another outline was seen, another one of the beasts.

His heart dropped, but he forced himself into the craft as the bleeding creature retreated slightly, crawling at its own chest from the pain and after sting of the bullets. "Come on, Girl…" Javier called, yanking back on the double handed control, not even fully in the craft yet. Gasping as she craft shot up into the air, the second creature had rammed forwards, jumping up as Star-Line had left the ground, it's front claws clinging to the ship until Javier rounded his gun, the creature screamed out and sank its teeth into Javier's forearm, Star-Line's nose was yanked down as the creature pulled at his arm, Javier nearly let go of the control. Crying out in pain, he held on strong, but fired the gun three times into the head of the creature, listening to it as it once again called out, but thankfully, it released its jaws. Giving a loud gasp, Javier let the gun fall to the floor of the craft as he, himself fell into the front chair.

His deep eyes looked at his arm. Blood covered it though, Closing his eyes for a short while, he drew in another deep breath. "God." he whispered, sitting up in the chair, the blood dripped all over the switches. Flickering the lights on, Javier snapped his head back to look at the radar, it wasn't giving off a good signal though. "Sky?" he said slowly, looking forwards again, trying to see down through the layers of dust and dirt. His wound stung, but, he had to find his brother. Taking a hold of the control, he flicked another switch up, the legs of Star-line rose up, folding away.

With his crimson covered hand, Javier took up the radio and held down a button on it. "Star-Line 56-29 reporting. The city has truly fallen." he spoke through gritted teeth. "I'm missing Skyler as he went in search. Upon landing, I stayed in the craft, I've just been attacked by two Strashes. They came from no-where, radar only picked them up at the last minute." he said slowly. Javier let go of the button, lowering the radio as his arm hurt to hold it.

A faint crackling noise came through, then an unclear voice. "Star-Line, do you need a back-up crew? Set a search?"

"No." Javier said simply. "I'm finding my brother and coming home. I want you to set a search on Captain Ellis, I need to speak to him… And trust me, if I find out my brother has been ripped to pieces by the Strash, I'll be coming to Ellis for more than a talk." he warned, a cold tone in his voice. Putting the radio down now, Javier frowned heavily, "Bastard almost cost me my life!" he said madly to himself.

"But, revenge will all come in time." Javier added. "For now-" he paused and looked below at the settling dust. "I have to find Sky…" he said lowly. His eyes watching hopelessly for signs of life as Star-Line moved on through the dull city.

The radar when soundless. No-longer any white dots, beeping, and it was now that Javier felt ever so alone.