Music in the air

A multitude of sound

Every color in the world

With secrets to be found

Hoots, croaks, and roars

Sweet songs and whistles, too

Filling the air with music

That slowly surrounds you

Oranges, greens, and yellows

Reds, blacks, and whites

Exotic colors of the world

A myriad of sights

Hidden boroughs to finally see

Camouflaged beasts finally found

Its not hard to appreciate

The marvels all around

Animals around the world

Of every shape and size

Color, sound, all around

I hope you realize

You're in the presence of great beauty

A rare and precious sight

Appreciate each moment

Of every day and night

You experience the artistry

Of God's beautiful creation

These animals around the world

That fill every single nation

The exquisiteness, the elegance,

And the dazzle fill your senses

Marvel at the loveliness

That was never meant for fences

God's design, a winsome beauty

Filling you with awe

The closest thing to perfection

That I ever saw

A/N: Hey everyone! I hope you like this poem! It was for a project I had to turn in...I hope I won the competition! Anyway, tell me what you think, constructive criticism very welcome, because I want to do even better next year!

Luv ya,

Tashi :)