A Christmas Story

A little boy wandered the small cobblestone streets with his mother. It was Christmas Eve, and everyone was celebrating. Though the boy wasn't sure why.

His mother took him around, showing him all the sights. The lights alone filled his eyes with wonder, and he gazed at all the different colors. White, red, green, blue… all in different colors, and they shown together beautifully. The town glimmered with them, and the boy started to follow them, away from his mother.

He soon found himself in a different place, where he heard singing. As he walked closer, he saw a group of people in their winter coats, gloves and hats, singing. Their voices carried over him, and he looked around, wondering if anyone was trying to listen to them. They weren't even paying attention.

He decided to move on, and he kept walking. No one seemed to notice him as he strolled through the crowds. They were mainly occupied with themselves, and they were quickly scurrying, trying to find last minute gifts that they know would mean nothing to the people that they got them for. The boy cocked his head to the side, and went on.

He soon found himself away from the lights, and in a different part of town. Most would have called it the slums, and he remembered something his mother told him about this place. "You should never go there. It's a bad place." And now, he was starting to see what compelled her to say that. The area was littered with trash on the ground, and people sitting on the streets. He saw someone sleeping in an alley, covered in snow.

"Why don't these people care?" he thought to himself. These people had nothing, while the ones he saw in the town were just running around trying to buy the "perfect" gift. All of those gifts would go to family members, who most likely had everything they needed and then some.

The boy kept wandering aimlessly around this area, and looked around. The houses were broken down, and the only people that were really there were the people on the streets. He soon got lost, not knowing where he was going, or where he should. He merely looked on the doorstep of one house, and saw an interesting sight.

A little girl sat on the stoop, no older than he was at a glance. She wore a small dress, frayed at the edges, and its beauty had been washed away by use. She held her knees close to herself as she shivered. Her crystal blue eyes held sadness, and her skin was almost as pale as the snow surrounding her.

The boy was drawn to her for some reason. He slowly crept up to her, being careful not to startle her. She watched him approach, and she glued her eyes to the ground.

"Um… hi," he managed to stutter out. The girl looked back up at him, wondering many things. What was he doing here? Why was he here? What did he want? These questions swirled around her head, and she chose one to ask.

"Why are you here?" she asked him simply. He thought for a minute, and then answered her question.

"I kind of got lost," he said. "I can't find my way back."

"You live in town, don't you?" she questioned him, and it caught him off guard on how quickly she asked him. He cocked her head to his side, and with his brown eyes, he looked into her blue ones.

"Yeah…" he let the answer drift in the air. A grimace seemed to grow on the girl's face, and he drew a quick breath, afraid of what she would say. Would she get mad? Was she jealous because he had a home and she didn't?

Her grimace changed to a smile, and she stood up, letting her long blond hair flow down past her shoulders. The boy didn't notice that before. She walked over to him, and giggled a bit.

"I can take you back into town," she told him sweetly. The boy was taken aback by this a little, not expecting such a generous offer. He didn't want to have to make the girl travel away from her home just so he could go back to a warm and comfortable fire. But… he didn't know where he was going, and this was probably his best option.

"Thanks," he said quietly. The girl smiled again, and started walking in a different direction. He soon followed, and walked behind her.

She was walking rather fast and it kind of surprised him, seeing how skinny and small she was. He ran a small ways just to keep up with her, and he walked next to her. She glanced over to him, and let her smile fall.

"Where you looking at the lights?" she asked him. He nodded his head, and she continued to stare at the ground. "I did too. And then I couldn't find my way back."

"Didn't anyone try to look for you?" he queried. She held her arms at this question, and bit the bottom of her lip. She shook her head.

"No," she replied quietly. "No one did. I've been here for a long time. It's been almost a year."

"I'm sorry," he said genuinely.

She gave a weak smile to him, knowing he meant it. She shivered, and rubbed her hands over her arms. He saw this, and decided to do something. He took off his winter coat, unzipping it and slowly taking the sleeves off. She looked over to him, and saw him without his coat on.

"What are you doing?" she asked, confused. It was near the end of December, and it was freezing out. Why would you take off your jacket? She soon found out, as he held it out in front of him for her to take. She looked astonished at this.

"No… I couldn't…" she stuttered. He nodded his head, and smiled as he put it around her shoulders.

"I don't mind," he told her. "You need it more than I do."

She beamed at him, and they kept walking. She was now much warmer, and she slowed down a little bit and let the boy walk with her better.

It wasn't long until the two children saw the lights of the town, and the boy started recognizing the sights. The people were still singing, and no one was watching still. The people were fewer now. The girl turned the boy, looking a little sad, and they stopped walking.

"Well, this is it," she said. "You'd better find your mother now."

"Right," he muttered solemnly. He kind of liked the girl, and didn't want to see her leave.

"I'd better give you your coat back," she said, reminding herself. She was about to take the coat off when the boy stopped her.

"No, you keep it," he told her somewhat sternly.

"Are you sure?" she asked him. He nodded while smiling.

"Merry Christmas."

"Yeah…" she left it hanging in the air, and then looked up into his eyes. "Bye," she uttered out rather quickly.


The small amount of people absorbed her as she walked away, and she soon disappeared. He couldn't find her anymore. He stood there for a minute, taking everything in.

He felt a hand on his shoulder, and he heard a worried voice along with it. Arms wrapped around him, and hugged him close.

"Where were you?" the voice asked him, sounding worried. He looked up at the voice's eyes, knowing it was his mother, and told her.

"I followed the lights," he said simply. His mother wasn't sure on what to say to this, but nodded her head. She hugged him again, and she looked down at him, noticing something.

"Where is your coat?" she nearly exclaimed. To that, he answered the same way he answered the previous question.

"I gave it to someone who needed it."

"Oh…" her eyes wandered off her son for a minute, and around to see if she could see who he gave it to. No one was around. She sighed, and looked down at him again.

"Come on, we have to go home," she said, her voice becoming a little sweeter as she calmed. "It's getting late."

"Can we listen to the people sing?" he asked, taking her aback. She looked curious to this question, wondering why he would want to do that. "I want to listen to their songs." She nodded, and took him over to the carolers. They stood there for the night, listening to the voices carry over the town.

The girl had reached her stoop again, and she sat down on it slowly. She zippered the coat up all the way, and put her hands in the pockets to keep herself warm.

She felt something unusual in one of the pockets. It felt like a piece of paper. She took it out, and found it folded. She slowly unfolded it, and then found words written in big print on it.

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

She giggled slightly at it, and smiled as she read the words over and over again. She looked up to the sky, and glanced at the stars. They were beautiful tonight.

"Thank you," she said, and she put the paper back in her pocket, and decided to walk back in the town. She thought she heard singing…

The End

Hey, it's near the Christmas holidays, so I thought I'd put up a sweet little Christmas Story. I hope you all have happy holidays, and thank you for reading. Tell me what you think. :)