Lately my thoughts have been on you

(Just you)

And I've heard from some,

that you've been thinking of me too.

I know you want to talk to me,

and let me know.

Why don't we just dance for a bit?

(Real slow)

Let me see if I think we could work-

(my mind says no)

How we are is fine,

just as far as friends go.

Should I do it,

(get it off my chest?)

God, no, don't risk it-

keeping distance is probably best.





How much I've felt for you,

I finally let you see-

And then you were, in turn, real honest

about how you felt about me.

And see how we fit in each other's arms-

(why did we wait?)

You trace circles down my back

and I memorize the lines of your face.

(Look at us)

People smile every time they see-

they think we're so good together

my new sweetheart, and me.