Forever the Many Nights I Wake.

Like so many kisses stolen in the night,
Shivering, fleeting towards the light.
Stay one minute longer,
Linger on to the morning.
Forward march and I shall never follow.

Covered, lightly, with scent of the past.
Passing moments, never recollecting, has
My lovely hands wanting,
To touch your hair softly,
Forward step, and I shall never go.

My eyes, on your skin, want to take
All of you greedily, never one to fake
Interest. Come to me.
Relax and follow this
Rose petal. And I shall never sleep.

Please believe my vain attempts that
Solicit your attention. Correct my want
Of the illicit, rectify my
Lust with ardour, try
Amends, yet I shall not forget.

Forward march to the end of our innocence,
Marching slowly towards the wisps of incense.
The fragrance at last
Erases that of the past,
Yet I still shall not move on.
Let that which is maimed die.
Let those who have survived arrive
At the same conclusion as
You and I have. To try
To die yet I shall not take a life.

Fly towards the darkness, child, fly
Towards an everlasting resolution I
Will not accept.
Will this into amen,
Fly and I shall not burrow.

Stay child, I shall send you away.
Stay my haughty one, for I shall never escape.
Hold on to this moment, and I shall take it away.
Fight the silence, the sounds we'll never forget.
Stay, for I shall never attempt to cross.