Meiji era-poet Misao Fujimurakilled himself (jumped down Kegon Falls, highest waterfall in Japan) in 1903 at the age of 18 in protest of industrialization

Since then more than 200 people have suicided at Kegon Falls

His farewell poem written before he killed himself; became a trend among young peoples in Japan before they commit suicide

Delicate line between heaven and earth

The calm of the ages, all the world's worth

Such miniscule measure, while we think it so grand

Just five flecks of smallness, this soft quiet land

So frail and so fleeting

In the end you will see Simple dreams were Horatio's philosophy

For all the truth, all creation, all secrets of yore

Can be told in an instant, by then they're no more

Ah, the unexplainable, all worries unsettled, heartache unresolved

All questions unanswered, with death, shall be solved

We already teeter, this sheer cliff so high

When we fall to corruptions, insecurities die

To end is to start; to surrender is to know

Despair and depression, together they grow

Hope shall meet hopeless where there's nowhere to go