Author's note...

Allrighty, before we begin, welcome to the story if you've never read it, and welcome back if you have.

I need to say a few things right now.

First, this is a work-in-progress. This is probably the last time I will ever take this story down before it's done and rewrite it completely, but I WILL be making changes as I go along. If you see anything that needs fixing, or have a suggestion for me, trust me, I WILL consider it, and likely make the change you suggest, though you may not SEE the change until the story ends.

Second thing. I know that the word "paladin" is a well-known term in the gaming world, and in the fantasy genre in general. The term "paladin" as used in this book is NOT the same as that in D & D or other fantasy-based role-play games. I take care to explain exactly what a paladin is in the second chapter. So please, don't expect me to follow those rules. (Interesting note: 'Paladin' was the title of each of the twelve knights who attended Charlemagne. Etymology: Middle French paladin "warrior", Italian paladino, Latin palatinus "of the palace". So it basically used to mean "Warrior of the Palace." Pretty close to how I use it, actually...)

Third, I reply to every signed review, unless it is a flame, in which case you are entitled to your opinion, but don't expect me to ever look at what you write. Please, if you have an account here, do use the signed-review option. It's easier on the both of us.

Fourth, and this goes for all my non-finished stories... be patient. I WILL update at some point, and the delay usually has to do with something I can't control, which is homework. I'll try to warn you if I KNOW I'm going to be gone, but I can't guarantee. So PLEASE be patient with me.

Welcome to Avadur!