I lean towards Holly for a kiss, but the bubblegum lips that meet mine are Winter's.

And yes.

Winter, Holly's twin brother does where lip-gloss.

Victoria's Secret Chocolate lip-gloss, to be more specific, but perhaps that kind of footnote ought to be ignored right now. At the moment, the more pressing issue is the gaping, rouge-faced, blond whose title happens to be my Girlfriend. Call me crazy, but I've been having an itch that's been feeling suspiciously like bisexuality lately...

"Winter! Get OUT! Seth is mine you asshole!"

No, no no, don't get out… more chocolate please!

I sit awkwardly on the bed beside Holly, staring dazedly at the attractive, jean-clad version of my four months this Friday girlfriend. Somehow, midnight locks and clashing, different colored eyes seem ten times more attractive than Holly's peroxide blond hair and sky blue contacts.

"Oh my, you know Holly, this hostility between us is starting to upset me, we're nearly identical after all, except of course in mind... But then, if those spots on your left cheek are any indication, I suppose it could be merited to it being that time of the month…" his voice is lilting and smooth like the rich chocolaty taste of his lips.

Mmmmm. I reiterate: Chocolate.

He winks a green eye and his sensual little body presses itself against my right knee. How he wiggled into this position is beyond me, how he got into the room undetected is beyond me, how he can mold his perfect little ass into those pants, is more mind-boggling still.

Actually, I hadn't really noticed or known of Winter till today. And boy did he know how to get my immediate attention. What had started out a coddling, kissing, etc. date with Holly had just turned into something far more interesting. And delectable.

"Shut up and leave." Deadpans Holly.

Winter blinks and for a split second, I lose sight of his one leaf green eye and one snowy blue eye.

"I'll tell mom and dad about this if you're not out now!" she threatens, nearly shrieking in my left ear.

"Honey, I've been out for years, you're the one insisting homosapianity. But I know better," he waggles his eyebrows.

"She's a dragon Seth," he whispers in a confidential way to me; well, confidential except that Holly is sitting directly beside me, and don't look now, but she does seem about ready to breathe fire.

"OUT!" she shrieks.

"Tis a shame." Decides Winter, running a pink tongue along a full plump bottom lips.

"Well," he nudges me, "less you're madly in love with this one," here he vaguely gestures to his fuming sister, "I reside seven steps down the hall left, a squeaky board right and a in pair of Mavi jeans. I hope you come and visit." He purrs. And he's out the door.

Holly's flaring dangerous glare - and speaking of flaring, she is breaking out rather badly beneath the concealer- finds its focal point on me. Damn.

"I'm sooo sorry babe," she coos, her anger thrown like a switch. "He's not usually- well he is, but oh my gosh please don't think I'm a total freak for having such a weirdo homo brother if this gets around school and everyone knows that-"

More to shut her up then to qualm her worries, I kiss her Not chocolate flavored lips with a newfound discontent. She smiles against my lips and leans in to deepen our kiss. I push her away gently, kind of.

"I've got to get going, but I'll see you at school tomorrow, kay Olly?" she pouts but nods at me. She gets up for a finally Goodbye kiss and than releases me to go, my head still reeling from a much more interesting kiss moments before.

I leave the room, letting my head tilt slightly left where I know Holly's gorgeous, tight Mavi clad bottom, lip-gloss wearing brother sauntered off to. Sharp, eyes, one blue, the other green, meet mine, mischief flickering in their depths. Damn, damn, damn. I quickly bear right, realizing too late that "right" is the direction of Holly's parents' room and a complete dead end, less I intend to climb out the window two feet above her parents' bed.

Don't ask how I know that.

I stop, grinding my teeth. He's laughing behind me. Deep breaths, deep, slow breaths. I turn slowly to be confronted by a narrow, Mavi jeans wearing male, not a foot before me.

"Did I not specify, left?" he purrs.

Throughout this whole affair, I haven't yet spoken to this boy, and wonder if I have lost the ability entirely. How could I not have noticed him before?! Where has he been all my life? I manage little more than a murmured "Winter," that cause a small grin to alight his fine boned face.

"Oh me, perhaps it is the Holly disorder that has befallen you. It is a most fatal process in which she engulfs any and all intelligence from every third sandy haired Hollister model unfortunate enough to cross her path. After she steals your innards, she quite neatly disposes of you, we have a meat processor you know. Perhaps she'll simply use the oven, like that witch from Hansel and Gretel... yes, she is dim enough to make a gingerbread house..." He trails off, his eyes getting bigger and bigger and more distant before he laughs to himself, having concluded some form of a private joke. He reminds me of a feline with all of his grace and adorably huge eyes.

There is a palpable silence, in which, much like a horny male forced to stop looking at an impressive rack, my eyes force themselves to lift from his delectable lips. So poetic similes are not my forte. Shoot me.

"You tasted like chocolate," I mutter. What had had formed into an intensely thoughtful look upon Winter's heart shaped face quickly disappeared to be replaced by a flirtatious smirk.

"Tasted? That kiss was more chaste than the kiss I'd share with Holly! Without incest!"

I raise an eyebrow. "Then what's a kiss with incest?" I challenge.

He makes a cute wrinkle nosed face. "I wouldn't kiss dragons."

"Then show my why I should kiss kittens," His tongue flicks out at me.

"Because they're a bazillion times sweeter." he states matter-o-factly, rolling his incongruent eyes.

He leans up, he's about a head shorter than me, and kisses me with his perfectly delectable soft lips. I cup the back of his head and kiss back with every intention of removing all the lip-gloss from his person. His lips beneath mine are warm and soft, still remnant of the sweet chocolate from our first kiss.

It ends with me nibbling his bottom lip and his long, black painted nails massaging the back of my head and trailing down my shoulders.

Somewhere in the background, Holly's door slams shut.