The Prince and the Tiger

Once upon a time, there was a little kingdom made of a little yard, a little house, a little swing and a little prince sitting under a big old tree. The prince was never lonely, because he had a pet tiger that was always obedient and loyal. Even when the people of his kingdom treated him like he was stupid and even when they acted like there was a wall between them, the tiger always regarded the little prince with the respect and friendship he deserved.

Years and years passed, and the little prince and the tiger grew closer, and closer, and closer together – creating a bond that was strong enough to melt the heart of even the coldest and most merciless creature.

When the little prince was no longer a little prince, the king and queen found him a bride. She was smart and strong, and even a little bit beautiful. The people of his kingdom reluctantly told the no-longer-so-little prince that the tiger he grew up with; his best friend; the one person he could go to at night when everyone was asleep, that a tiger is NOT a pet. A tiger is NOT a friend, and a tiger is NOT someone you can love.

When the wedding day came, all was festive except for the tiger. The tiger put on a warm smile in front of the guests, but inside he was wincing at the pain the prince was causing. Right after the ceremony and party, the tiger ran into his room and transformed into his human form. He jumped onto his bed and wept mournful and jealous tears. The prince went straight to his friend's room when he noticed the tiger wasn't there and whispered comforting and reassuring words into the feline's ear.

A year or so passed and the two never said a thing about that day when the tiger put all his stress and doubt into those tears. The prince had taken his wife to his kingdom and had their servants (for he refused to call them slaves) serve them, as servants should. The prince and the bride treated one another courteously.

Like all fairytales, the bride –who is now a queen-, is to bring the prince –who is now a king- a child. Yet unlike all fairytales, the king was not happy, for he could no longer talk to his beloved friend, the Tiger (for he refused to call him a servant) the way they used to, because his little kingdom is now filled with other people.

The queen felt pity for the tiger's new found loneliness, so she asked the tiger if he wanted a bride of his own. The tiger shook his head and walked away. The tiger could never give his heart to anyone but the prince, or should I say king?

Before the child was born, the Queen's husband was called to war. Upon the battlefield, the king transformed from teacher to murderer. To aid his king's battle, the tiger released his true, wild self, and met his feral veteran.

From an old friend, a foe was made.

The Queen prayed to the Goddess daily… for the health of her unborn child, and the safe return of both King and Tiger.

Ever so swiftly the days passed.

She read all the news she could get her hands on…

For in all that two years, there was only one letter.

Yet she believed her husband would come home safely, for the goddess had already granted her one of her wishes. Her son was smart and powerful, for one such a young age.

"Knock knock" one day the door says. When the bride opened the door, she could not have been more surprised seeing a dolphin out of water and doing the polka. The Queen called for the tiger to help, but then she realized that the Tiger was no more, and that her beloved goddess was a player of words.

The End

A/N: Hope you liked it. I'm going to make a longer version which focuses on the tiger and the prince's relation ship a bit more. Probably goanna be around 20 chaps. Let's see if I finish it.