The sound of Hope

She sits in her rocking chair

Her smile frozen

Her heart breaking

Her fingers curled around the picture

Her faded eyes searching

His face

So young

So handsome

So full of purpose

His uniform denied him Life.

How many times had her hands smoothed out this paper?

First young ones

Now old ones

And still,

Her heart beats to the sound of Hope.

The snow keeps falling,

The years keep passing.

The children next door get older.


She knows.

Can feel his laughter

Echoing somewhere on this earth


War has not killed everything.

She smiles,

Her tears blowing away in the wind, unheard.

Believe .

And next door they decorate the tree and sing

Complete, their wants fulfilled.

Their hopes focused on presents, nothing stronger.

The snow continues to fall

And they are silent about the old woman who's waiting

Still waiting

For her son

To come home.

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