It's one A.M. again, and I'm not sleeping
I'm lying awake tracing shapes in my ceiling
Trying to find a stain on the wall that looks like a rabbit
I wish that when I looked out the window
I could see a view of a fantastic city
But all I see is the flicker of a dim streetlight
And a car driving by
Perhaps beholding a man who has just cheated on his wife
A drunken teen, a murderer, a poet, a mailman
I'm remembering that time on the fourth of July
When you laid on this very same bed
And your feet hung off over the edge
And when you went home that night I crawled into bed
Hugging the covers close to my face, in hopes I could catch a drift of your scent
I never did, and I miss you now, more than ever
And as our friendship submerges out of the depths of an ocean
That swallowed the ship we sailed that we named Love,
Every time your face comes close to mine my lips slightly convulse
In an aching, longing, to be reunited with yours once again.
It feels as though I'm floating on a raft called Desire
And I navigate it alone.