Hey here is another chapter of..some crap I wrote, hope you like it!

Well as you read in the previous chapter I wrote a schedule about well "the perfect day" well my teacher found the note book I wrote it in…I have to go to the school counselor. …again…which I know my parents wont be happy with.

As you can tell I am not the happiest person, So when " Miss sunshine" Our school consoler Asked how I was, I simply answered with what I thought was a simple little joke…..

" well I cut myself every night , the depression is unbearable , I think tonight might be the I end it all.- OH Wait! CSI is on tonight – NEVER MIND !MAYBE TOMORROW!"

Well, now its therapy AND counseling-jeez! Cant anyone take a little joke…..heh….

It seems a lot of things that happen to me happen at school, the nuns just don't like me . THE CONFISCATED MY "SOME CALL IT STALKING I CALL IT LOVE" WRISTBAND! I L0OVED THAT WRIST BAND!

SO I AM NOT NORMAL! Who really is ? I mean when people don't want to call you weird , they say you are unique and it makes you feel special but if you think about it , your unique just like everyone else….is that creepy or what?!