One Last Author's Note

Author's Note: I know I'm not really supposed to be using full chapters for author's notes, but I thought this would be the best way to draw everyone's attention to this: I know a lot of people are disappointed that Lifeblood is over and would like to read more. Because my latest story, Murry House, is not going well, I've begun to entertain the idea of writing another story in the Lifeblood universe. This story would be rather different from Lifeblood. For one, it would be in the first person and instead of featuring any of the main characters you're used to (Nicolas, Elsandra, etc), it will be featuring Isabelle, the head of the Vampire Round. I don't know why, especially because she wasn't in many scenes, but she was always my favorite character in the story and I'd love to give her a little more attention. The story would detail Isabelle's life starting briefly with her human years and continuing all the way up to the era before Lifeblood begins.

So here's the deal. I want to know if anyone would be interested in reading this story. You're welcomed to post a review on this chapter with your response, but what I would prefer is for everyone to make their way over to my profile and vote in the poll I have started there. If I get a lot of positive feedback, I'll definitely write the story. If not, I've been running some other story plots around in my head, and I'd still like to give Murry House a bit more of a try... But please let me know! I'll probably be making my final decision in about a week or so so check in then for the final verdict.

And, I can never resist replying to my reviews. Thank you so much to all who have reviewed!

Alicia Davis- Hmmm. Trenton? Yeah, he's pissed, but he also doesn't want to be kicked off the Round so he won't be seeking revenge. He's a little too vain and dumb to get into too much trouble. However, if you liked him, he'll be making an appearance in Isabelle's story if I end up writing it.

vballgurl- Awww. Thanks! I try to avoid cliche when I can. Besides, it really wouldn't have worked between them. Elsandra would have refused to become a vamp, so she would have kept on getting older while Nicolas stayed the same age he'd been for hundreds of years. Not to mention the fact that the Establishment's kind of a family business and Elsandra wouldn't have anyone to pass it down to if she married Nicolas...

I. Degolier- First, thank you SO much for the review. This sort of thoughtful, constructive critism is what I live off of. I'll definitely keep the Mary Sue-ness in mind for my rewrite. I was hoping her nasty personality would off-set the perfectness, but I can definitely find some other flaw to add in. As for the final fight- Yeah... I kind of knew about the wordiness already. I tried to cut it down before I posted and get rid of some of the unnecessary stuff, but you're right, there's definitely more I need to get rid of. Thank you again! And expect another review on your story sometime soon.