I Did It Already!

I wrote a poem all of my own,

I gave it a name and even a home.

I thought it would be safe there,

Taken care of and treated fair.

I sent it off with loving thoughts,

I believed it would get where it ought.

My sister she sent one too,

And here it is in the book.

But mine is nowhere to be found,

I searched for it all around.

The whole way through front to back,

And my writing it did lack.

Where is it this child of mine?

The poem that I wrote so fine.

They promised it would go in print,

They promised it would then be sent.

They said I need not pay a fee,

I thought my poem would come back to me.

Why need I buy my own book?

When in my sisters I could look?

I looked and what did I see?

Nothing was mentioned of me.

So I'll try once more

To get my poetry up off the floor.