What this love is

I want to fall dead in your arms
For the pain is causes me
To be so close to love and yet so far
From the quiet understanding
From knowing that you love me

I want my lips to grow pale under yours
And use tragedy to lament my death
I want my body to sit lifeless for hours
Until you plead to gods for my breath
Until its only my ghost that your with

I need to feel your pain inside me
Or let mine be yours so you would know
How it hurts to love you so intently
And how I yearn for you when I'm alone
How you'll feel when I'm eternally gone

I swear sometimes you kiss to kill me
With your eyes deeply consuming mine
Your touch becomes the purest ecstasy
My heart begins to leave my mind behind
Our auras, our hearts, and our body's aligned

Take me in like I'm your last breath
Hold me like a dozen roses
Watch out for thorns watch for death
When that golden door finally closes
Then whisper to my corpse what this love is