Hi this is a story I wrote….yeah…. well I hate to say it but I am desperate for reviews….there are some characters from naruto in there so..Yeah I don't own them. Or…do I? …. No I don't, I was just checking..

HIIIIIIII ALL MY ADORING FANS!(Mari turns her head) " You don't have any fan nether the less adoring ones."

Mana: Would it kill you to support me ….just a little?

Mari : Little do you know , people pay me to crush your dreams….it pays pretty good actually.

Mana: 0-0 LIKE WHO?!

( Gaara and Kiba quickly leave the room)

Mana: ( thinks to herself ) Must not kill , must not kill. He my therapy is really working I don't feel the need to kill at all! ( fly lands on Mana's nose) AHHHHH DIE FLY!( swats herself in the face and passes out)

Mari : 0- o That was interesting…

( Garra and Kiba return)

Gaara" hn…she dead?

Kiba : Can we eat her?

Mari : Eh you better not she is the one typing

Kiba: Oh yeah….. hey if she is passed out than who is typing this?

0-0 0-0

Mari:( Dumps water on Mana)Wake up moron!

Mana: What!…Oh right …lets start!

The story…

"MAAANNNAAAA! Hurry up !Wew are soo late!Mari screamed

" Late for what? Mana asked very confused

"Uh to stalk- I mean find Gaara! Mana said

"You're obsessive " Mana said

:…..nuh uh!" Mari said

""Well I don't know about you but I am going to buy manga! Wana come? Mana asked knowing Mari couldn't resist.

" "MANGA!…Uh….eh…..OK! Mari responded!

At the mall after looking at manga fir about 2 hours

"Hey Mari?'


"Are we geeks?"

"Yes Mana yes we are …but we are happy geeks! Happy scary gothic vegetarian geeks….and we are kinda morons too ….but happy ones!"

"Oh…I see…."…Mari?

"Yes Mana?"

" When did you get that spider?"

"Heh? What spider?

"You know the one on your for head…Hey can I name it Chad!"

"Mana why would you name a spider cha- THERE'S A SPIDER ON MY HEAD!

"…yeah….thought you knew"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"-Mari jumps up knocks over all the manga stands along with one sushi stand and various old people.

"GET IT OFF GET IT-hey that s piece of string… YOU MORON! Mari screams

"..Oh….can I have it? Mana asks



( An hour later at the police department )

"I told you a lead weight was a lethal weapon, and the police seeing you holding it about to strangle me wasn't the brightest idea."Mana said to Mari

"….eh…..do you think we will let up go?"

"Hey look we are in a police station! " Mana said amazed( obviously a little slow today)

"…..You moron…"