A new year (In 20 minutes)

Our make ups all done

And we've been giggly girly girls

For the last 5 hours

Blowing into…

Noise makers and "blower thingys"

As they're called

By blonde friends (currently reading

Over my shoulder)

So I'm wishing you were here

(But so are they)

And it doesn't really matter


(You don't want to be here)

You'd have make up on

And girls fawning over you

Cause we're suckers for guys in eyeliner

(Without shirts on, no matter

How pale)

We have tiaras

And we (all think we) look pretty

(But it's really just me)

They made me queen

(Insert royal wave here)

We have silly string ready to assault

A certain brother

Who refused a midnight makeover

Although we would have

Settled with just lipstick…

And I've resolved

That Keito doesn't mind

Being stared at like she's a

Piece of steak - drooling included

Tsk! College boys

(Insert wistful sigh here)

We've got the TV on

Waiting for the BALL

(Which I think is weird

Cause) I'm only watching it

Cause you asked me to.

I've had more than 6 sodas

And more than thirty Christmas cookies

Slightly stale

And with (not) enough icing

But Christmas cookies all the same

I wonder how sick I'll be in the morning

(Not that) I care

In the morning

It'll be 2007

How strange is that?

We'll write 2006

Till June… ( I ) trust me.

There's a husky puppy

With his nose in my face

Just asking for attention

(And getting it)

We've got the heat way up

And another (possibly

Spiked) soda…

I had a shower today

But the heat made me need another one…

Too bad I'm so lazy…

I know I'm being random

But there are so many things to mention

I've been held at knife point too

Many times today…


We played twister

For about 2 hours

While a certain college student

Took pictures

Of a bunch of girls

Falling on top of each other.

(I think) he enjoyed it

More than we did

Us all sitting on his bed

Begging to "do him"

(The makeover of the century

It would have been)

But he enjoyed it

(So did we)

Counting down from 18

Getting silly string ready


Silly sting covers the floor

(And my hair)

(And my new sweater)

(Black, not white, a relief in disguise)

I've got a glass of wine in my hand

White wine…

Still deciding if its

My thing…

Do I like white wine?


I feel old

My voice is dying

Probably from screaming

For the past 6 minutes

My tiara is ruined…

But I'm still queen

I watched the ball drop (Just so

You know)

A dead skeleton of a bunny

Is wearing glowing necklaces and bracelets

And a tiara (with feathers)

She was the queen...

But she died…

So now it's me.

Me with my white wine

And my straight eyelashes

That don't look good in mascara

(So sad, so sad)

Eyeliners good though

(Insert inside joke here)

(And wine)

Too bad we were dancing on the tables

Before we even touched

The alcohol

Twister is my new favorite game…

If only there were guys…