Title: The diary of two wired, rotten, gothic best friends.

DEC 31!

(hour of new years eve.)


just finished watchin ELF, with my fab! Rents…ok, anyways I guess I should tell you what your reading. This is the Diary of 2 very best friends! We are known as KT, and Mel, or more affectionately known as! drumROLL! Manna and Mari. I'm Mari, ok so this is our diary NOW! To tell you a little about me!

N A M E: Kt/mari

A G E: sooooooo not important!

R: are you clueless?

W O R K: ummm yah right!

N: in front of the computer. DUH!

S: "when other little girls wanted to be ballerinas, I wanted to be a vampire" "Real men sparkle" "Love is giving someone the ability to hurt you…and trusting them not to."

O: if your not living on the edge of life, then your taking up too much space so just FALL! Or I could push you?


Manga: fruits basket

Actors: Eric Szmanda, Matthew gray Gubler SOOOO HOT!

Books: Twilight, Cathy's book

Poison: anthrax

Color: Turquoise (HA! TAKE THAT JOEY PINK!)

People: Mel, Nikki rest of my friends!

Fave people I hate: LOOK VINNCENT YOU GET A LIST TO YOURSELF! Jkjkjkjkjkjk Name: kokoro

Xmas song: Baby it's cold outside.

OK! Anyways to finish my journal entry! Today was good, except ya know the fact that my family thinks that im on drugs except my Grandmother, but I could probably plan a terrorist attack and she would still give me Christmas presents. ANYWAYS! I had a fight with mom today, im wiccan so I wear a pentacle. NO I DO NOT WORSHIP THE DEVIL! SO GO TAKE THAT IDEA AND SHOVE IT UP YOURS! Because that was exactly what we had the fight about. Apparently satanic cults have accepted that symbol. So note to anyone in a satanice cult I HAVE 2 THINGS TO SAY!: 1) if you are in a satanic cult im soooooooooo holding a grudge against YOU! And 2nd! PLEASE DON'T BURN ME! Anyways…..

Over and out


List to do

Convince family that im not a junkie

Hope no one thinks of me as satanic…oh wait to late THANKS NIKI FOR STARTING THAT DAMN RUMOR!

Find nice hot geeky boyfriend!

Well Mari write this , but I will write the next chapter. REVIEW! Flames will be excepted but if you send us one. I WILL KILL YOU! …not really I already have a court hearing this Thursday…