I've been thinking lately about writing down some of my memories, and I thought this would be the perfect place to do it. They are in no particular order and they can go from ten years old, to three, then to six, or whatever. They can be drabble-sized or short story size.



A few miles outside of Milwaukee,Wisconsin

10 years old

The wind sways through the trees and grass. Ben is coming up behind me, hoping to steal the soccer ball. I move off to one side and kick it past him. We run after it. Carefree children, playing. We had never met until that day, when I was enlisted to stay overnight at the house of the woman who might become my mom's new boss. Ben is her son.

I inhale the scent of grass as my bare ankles are tickled. Ben kicks it away from me, but I get to it before he does. I trip over the ball, but the grass cushions my fall, and I laugh.

We play a while longer, and then go inside, leaving behind the grass, the trees, and the clean, grassy-smelling air.

A lot of these meories I have no idea why I remember so well, or why I remember them at all. If you please, press the little purple button down to the left and write me a review, however short.