A/N: My first posted piece of poetry! (Though by no means my fist poem) I'd love feedback on this piece, as I'm suddenly having second thoughts about posting it at all. If you'd liked it, please tell me – I really need a confidence booster right now. Having said that, if you think I shouldn't' have bothered posting it, I'd like to know too, maybe I can revise it?

This has a slightly jerky rhythm, and should be read with longer breaks at the end of each line than anywhere else (including full stops.) The title, first and last lines were mine, I had forgotten they are also part of a Meatloaf song. Does that make them mine? If not, sorry! Also, 'Outa' should be 'out of' but that's how I want it to be read/said.

Applogies for the spacing - it is in stanzas, but the computer hates me, I think.

Two outa three ain't bad

Two outa three ain't bad

He said. She smiled and replied

That three outa three is better but four

Is worth having.

He laughed and tears filled her eyes at the thought that

This may all end

At the thought that it may all end.

But, she argued, I liked Shakespeare better.

He smiled and replied 'You win.'

And that was all there was to say

On the matter of who was better

Outa Shakespeare and his later

Friend. That was all there was to say

All there was to say.

He rolled on top of her. She squealed

Obligingly. He laughed, contented and

She panted, exhausted,


He smiled, she laughed and they

Realised that their roles had been

Reversed, and that there was

Nothing more to say

To each other.

Nothing more to say.

He smiled, she laughed and they

Realised that though their roles

Had been reversed

It must all end anyway.

It must all end, this way.

He smiled, she laughed,

And though the smile

Was a little terse and

The laugh a little forced,

They played their roles to the last.

And then it was


And there was nothing more to say

Nothing more to say.

And they parted for forever and a day.

But for every one of them

There are two of us

Happy and contented, obliging,

But contented.

And never to be parted

Together for forever and a day.

Two outa three ain't bad,

They say.

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