I was thinking recently—which is a good thing—about what the fairy tale would have been like had Cinderella been a klutz. Have you ever wondered that? Well, fine, you might argue that she was clumsy if she dropped her shoe running away from the prince, but any girl would do that if she were running in heals, right?

This aside, let's imagine this. Cinderella, who is really a very clumsy girl, works for her step-mother. She constantly gets beaten because she drops bowls and things. But let's not change the story to much. She works for her step-mother, and has two evil step-sisters who thoroughly enjoyed tormenting her. One day she wakes up to find her sisters and mother in a dither over an exciting announcement. Every girl who is eligible is invited to a ball! The rest of the story you know. The night of the ball, Cinderella is left behind and stumbles her way to the garden where her fairy godmother finds her and transforms her into a princess.

When she arrives at the ball, the prince sees her coming and rushes to bring her in. However, as they're coming down the stairs into the ballroom, she stumbles in her heels and trips, nearly falling down the stairs. The only reason she doesn't fall is because the prince grabs her arm and hauls her upright. All the guests gasp. The prince looks uncertainly about the room. This girl might not be the right person for him after all. I mean, who wants a princess who trips and stumbles all over the place? Like the gentleman he is, he decides to give Cinderella a second chance. After all, it might have be something that she doesn't normally do. He escorts her to the dance floor, nerves taught for any more tripping.

She glides gracefully on to the dance floor next to him and as they begin to dance, she giggles self consciously and says quietly, "I hope you don't mind me stepping on your toes. I'm rather clumsy." No sooner does she finish her small statement but she steps on the hapless prince's toes. Being the gentleman he was trained to be, the prince winces, grimaces, and nods, pasting a small smile on his face.

"That's fine." He acquiesces, and then procures an idea. "Perhaps you would like to see the garden?" He asks.

She nods.

The whole night is a disaster. She trips over everything, she collides with serving men, spilling drinks and finger foods. And yet, the prince continues to be a gentleman. She's charming enough. She is intelligent and deep, unlike the rest of the shallow girls, following the prince around. She does act like a lady, that's not the problem. The problem is that she can't seem to gain control of her limbs. At midnight, she races from the room tumbling head over heals down the stairs, showing petticoats, and jumps up to race off, leaving a shoe behind.

Before a search can ensue, the prince's parents pull him aside and ask him if he really wanted this Clumsy as his queen. The Prince thinks a moment before realizing that even though this girl is clumsy, she would be wiser then many of the airheads that had attended the ball. Clumsiness was not a problem as far as he was concerned. All she would need were dancing lessons. As per the Prince's decision, a search ensues.

You know the rest of the story. Cinderella is found, the shoe she left in her mad tumble down the stairs fits on her foot, the Prince, love struck asks her politely, and yet passionately, to marry him, she says yes, and the rest is history.

The moral of my little story is, if you wish to marry a prancome hinse, don't forget to slop your dripper. No . . . wait. That's not it. Oh yes. Character always shows through the outward defects. There. Work on your God loving character and people will be drawn to you and what you have. It doesn't matter if you're ugly or clumsy or anything else. People are drawn to what is on the inside. It's what's on the inside that counts.