Look at that girl

behind the glass.

She is trapped

and you are free.

Her dull eyes

in her pale head


all the passing faces.

None of the


know who she is

or what she's thinking.

Do they


why she is there

and why they're looking in?

Do they


what is it

they're looking for?

Her face is solemn,

and she is lonely.

They stare

and her dull eyes wander.

Can anyone

love her?

Can she feel anything?

I'd hate to be trapped

and live my life

in front of everyone

and behind a cage.

Her movement is restricted,

her emotions are muted,

she seems empty.

She cannot escape.

Why would someone

want to restrain

something so beautiful?

It is cruel.

And yet

here I am

peering in,

not being able to set her free.

I wonder if

she wants to be freed

from the glass enclosure

that she is forced to call home.

I want to know her,

her name,

her story.

I want to reach out and touch.

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