So, you want more proof that Harry Potter is the Devil?

What is the most repeated phrase in all of the books? That Harry Potter is the "Boy that Lived." Think about the key word, for the rest of it changes. The one word that stays the same is "Lived." Think of it differently though: perhaps like this: "liveD"

Who were Harry's Parents? We have "Lilian Ardins Potter." Each word in her name is spelled with six letters. 6-6-6. Also, "Lilian" is a derivative of "Lillith," who in some mysticisms was co-created with Adam and it was because of her failures that God created Eve. Lillith then became a demon. "James," Harry's father, could be construed as the same "James" that was the brother of Christ.

So we have brother of Christ + The Original Sinner Harry.

Harry has an affinity for snakes that he developed because of his "connection" with Voldemorte (notice that the "morte" is ripped off of the French word for "death".) Harry is responsible for bringing Voldemorte back to life: he performs a miracle indicative of a savior. Many people respond to him as "their savior" even though he does not believe himself to be one. Voldemorte himself is seen to some as the anti-christ. Thus, when it is revealed that Harry shares the same life-source as this, it indicates that he himself is also the equivalent of an anti-christ.

Harry bears a scar on his head from 10 years ago: an "Old Nick" - another term that refers to the devil.

Harry's friend Hermione has the last name of Granger. An unknown religious fact: while the Grangers are a well-known group that works with husbandry, less known is that higher up in the organization there are higher levels where you must swear oaths and perform secret rituals. Not only that, but many of their ranking levels reflect pagan gods-thus alluding to the organization's pagan nature.

Hermione is, in fact, an allegory for paganism-a relatively harmless mysticism that is tilted to evil when an evil force (like the Anti-Christ) is introduced.

Throughout the books, Harry is a figure-head for anti-authoritarian children. In book 5, he leads his own cult in practicing dark magic. Does this not remind anyone of what Revelations predict?

In book 5, even Dumbledoor begins to avoid Harry-because of his steady realization that Harry is becoming the anti-christ. Of course, one can't trust Dumbledoor too much-after all, he is just a "Dumb Door" as his name implies-a gateway into darkness, as Harry takes up more magical learning at Dumbledoor's suggestion. In fact, it could be said that Dumbledoor even supports Harry as the devil incarnate, because his suggestions in Book 5 only make Harry weaker to Voldemorte's subversion.

Hermione Granger also means "a re-emerging horn" - another symbol commonly associated with the devil.

And Ron Weasley-well, look at the last name. The boy's a weasel!

Also, Harry is constantly attacked by the Dementors. Could this be not because the Dementors are distorted, but because: THEY ARE ACTUALLY DOING THEIR JOB!

How many coincidences are you people willing to overlook? How many subtle clues are you going to miss? HARRY POTTER IS THE DEVIL!