Her Wish

Begun: October 20, 2005

Completed: February 6, 2007


She was all alone now.

Any previous traces of the outside world were temporarily pushed away as she entered her secret haven, separate from everything and everyone else.

Reclining slowly onto her back, crushing blades of grass beneath her, a faint sigh escaped from the eighteen year old girl's heart-shaped lips. Gazing at the stars above and spending time alone had, over time, become her only escape of reality.

This wide field of grass had become her home. The natural sounds of crickets and the occasional hoot of an owl had become her neighbors, her friends. The tranquil flow of the river nearby had become her music. And the far-off, scintillating stars had become her hope.

No matter how many things had gone wrong, no matter how many times she had failed to do something, no matter how many people had turned against her, the girl always had the option of crawling back to this secluded spot that none but herself knew of.

She would crawl back here every time and wish upon the stars. And every night she would wish for the same thing, over and over again.

She'd wish for happiness.

And she'd continue to wish, hoping that someday, someone, somewhere, would take the time to listen, that they would take the time to help make her wish come true.

And one day, it did.

DISCLAIMER: As for names of main characters in this story, I don't own any of them. However, I'm posting this story here because it is a piece of fiction, just using Korean singers' names. Everything else about them (besides their names!) was thought up entirely by me.