Dont let your 'friends' know who your are, the music you listen too, or who you really love. They see what your suppose to be like When the sun sets kick back and relax with your 'real' boyfriend interracial short story RnR

Monday 2:30

Hand in hand Anita and Terrence walked down the hall. Terrence always walked Anita to her classes and tomorrow would be six months of being together.

" So what did you get on 's test?," Terrence asked.

" I got a 87," Anita said proudly smiling at her boyfriend.

" Figures I got a 75," Terrence said angrily.

" Only because you didn't study."

" Well I had distractions," Terrence smirked at his petite girlfriend and laughed.

They were in front of Ms. Green's room and Anita gave Terrence a kiss good bye before entering her class.

She sat in the third row behind her best friend Jeanelle.

Jeanelle turned in her seat and smiled at Anita. " So tomorrow would be six months," Jeanelle smiled more. " I can't believe you tamed Terrence, school's biggest player and you manage to break the all time record of three weeks."

She laughed but her stomach turned feeling guilty hoping Jeanelle wouldn't notice her discomfort she changed the subject to talk about their favorite music.

" Oh my gawd Bow Wow is so fine," Jeanelle said biting her lip.

David walked bye eying them and Jeanelle smiled at him.

" Wow David has thing for you," Anita said looking at Jeanelle.

" No way, he eyes you all the time. Terrence wants to kill that. Last week in practice he almost punched him the face."

When Jeanelle said that Anita's stomach broke in half " What wrong babe?," Jeanelle rested a hand of Anita's forehead.

" Nothing just a little flushed," Anita tried to calm herself down.

" Who says flushed? Damn Anita your so proper."

Jeanelle laughed and Anita joined in masking her discomfort again.

For the whole entire class period she didn't pay attention to talk about the French Revolution.

Instead she worried about how to break up with Terrence.

If she did everyone would think she was gay because anyone would want to be in Anita's shoes.

She sighed and the guilt began eating her up frequently when Ms Green wasn't looking Jeanelle would turn around and offer her aspirin but Anita declined saying she just felt a little under weather and that is was going to clear up.

After class Anita immediate rushed to the locker room and changed her clothes as fast as she could without waiting for Anita. She was the first one there and rushed to the Gym.

She was out of breathe but she didn't want to see Terrence's face saying that he loved her. Anita would just say it back. When they were first dating she said it without even meaning it. Her excuse was that she was only seventeen and that seventeen year olds don't feel love and that they couldn't even spell it. But that was before him, before she actually fell in love with Jason.

No longer did she have to act like she loved every single hip hop song her friends talked about. No longer did she have to try her best not to sound so 'proper'. No longer did she have to put up a front about who she liked.

She could tell Jason that she loved Linkin Park better than The Game, or that the word aint wasn't a word or that its improper not unproper. She could tell Jason that the Goth girl Emma was actually nice and not a devil worshiper.

" Hey girl I was looking all over for you just ran off," Jeanelle was in her Gym clothes. Her brand new Baby Phat sneakers squeaked on the gym floors. Anita actually liked Emerica shoes she was a skateboarder(at night).

A few head bangers walked by in trench coats chatting and Emma waved at Anita. Anita waved back and forgot that Jeanelle was next to her.

" Um..girl you just waved to the Emos or Elmos or Emu whatever they hell they call themselves."

" Well Emma is actually kinda nice."

" For a head banger, listen if you hangout with them or talk to them nobody will want to talk to you. I still will but like you know..."

Anita was furious by the comment knowing damn well that Jeanelle would have to drop her as a friend for her popularity.

" Whatever," Anita muttered.

" Hey Jeanelle," David said walking over to them.

" Hey David," Jeanelle said smoothly.

" Hi." Anita plainly stated.

" Were going to play some basketball we always do girls versus boy. So I was wonderin if yall wanted to be on our team this time."

Before Anita could decline Jeanelle quickly responded and accepted his invitation. David smirked and walked away to his groups of friends.

" Damn he's so fine!" Jeanelle stated excited to see David play some basketball sweaty with no shirt all. She had seen that before but now she would be up close and personal.

Anita sighed and tried to drop the subject. " What about Terrence."

" Oh your worried he'll be jealous?," Jeanelle said teasing her.

" No, I just you know he doesn't like Terrence right?." Anita felt her phone vibrate in her gym shorts.

" Let me take this," Anita said politely before pulling out her Razr phone. She flipped it open and saw it was a text message.


Her heart beat rapidly because Jason never had to text or call her at school she wanted to read the message but she couldn't with Jeanelle next to her always in her business.

" Who is it?," Jeanelle said looking at David.

" Um..Jamster the phone service 5.99 added to my bill." Anita felt more guilty about lying to her friend.

" Okay." Jeanelle wasn't paying any attention to Anita.

Monday 7:30

Anita managed to avoid Terrence for the whole school day. She still felt guilty it but she tried to push it out of her head today she and Jason were going to his house to watch some movies. Nothing ever went beyond kissing as much as Anita wanted she didn't because she would feel bad. She kept telling Terrence that she just didn't want to have sex so young. But in reality she just didn't want to have sex with Terrence.

Anita carefully applied her eyeliner while looking at the mirror. One side of her mirror were covered with her favorite bands and singers. She did have Jim Jones, and Kanye West and more hip hop but most of it was rock and some Jazz.

She would never let Jeanelle enter her room to see her wardrobe. Her wardrobe consisted of her school clothes and her 'real' wardrobe Emericas, Vans and band shirts. She wasn't going to let Jeanelle see the hundreds of posters on her wall. My Chemical Romance, Metallica, Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy. She wasn't going to let Jeanelle see her cell phone. The Goth girls Emma, Lyn, Vogue, their friends Jeremy, Jared, Kevin etc.

Anita knew she was poseur, an Oreo, and a bad friend.

She sighed and took out her rollers and it fell to her shoulders. When she permed her hair it would touch her back but she had gotten it cut and curled. She slipped on her mini-skirt and her Vans. She looked in the mirror making sure she looked perfect.

Her brother came in her room with an apple. " Hey Anita you going to Jason's house?," she sat on her bed and chewed the apple"

" Yeah." Anita turned making sure nothing was out of place.

" I see..." he took another bite from his apple.

" What?" Anita forgot to put her jewelry on. She put on her hoop earrings, her ring, and her necklace.

" You know what."

" No I don't." She decided to put a little more lip gloss on.

" Your cheating on Terrence with that white boy."

Anita turned to her older brother,Kenny " Your dating Samantha, last time I checked she was Jewish."

" But I'm not cheating on her. Look stop playing Terrence he likes you."

" He plays every other girl in the school," Anita justified putting her hands on her hip.

" No you know those are just rumors. Those girls only wanted him to be popular and cause he" Kenny said swinging his head talking like a girl " is fine." he snapped his fingers.

" Whatever " Anita said.

" Come on, if you like Jason whatever but don't play Terrence," he finished the rest of his apple and shot it into the waste basket. He got up and walked towards the door.

" By the way if he puts one hand on you I'll break his neck."

Anita ignored Terrence and fixed the curl in the front of her her head.

Jason's house was only thirty minutes away by car. As Anita drove she remembered reading the text message.

Bored in Spanish, need someone to talk to.

Anita thought it was some emergency but laughed at it. She pulled into his driveway and exited the car.

She smoothed out her shirt and walked towards the door.

Before she could knock the door opened and she was met with Jason's lips.

" Wait, wait" she stopped Jason. " I thought we were just watching movies."

Jason groaned and they sat in the living room.

They've seen the movie about fifteen times and Anita knew every line. When they finished watching the movie Jason asked her to stay for a few minutes before she left.

" My parents are going to come to the house and not see me there."

" Yeah but like you can stay a little longer."

" No I can't plus I have some homework and I need to talk to my friends."

" Oh your friends you mean Terrence"

" No that's not it." Anita was lying and Jason knew it.

" How come you just don't break up with him. Let everyone know about us." Jason got up and circled the couch.

" Because..." these was a reason both Jason and Anita knew the reason.

" It's always the race card with you! You know I feel really sorry for that Terrence guy."

" Jason-"

" No Anita it's me or Terrence."

" It's you. But I can't just break up with him!"

" Why can't you? Because your afraid of what the school will think?"

" No that's not it."

" Yeah it is. Just go"

" Fine."