" What?" It was like a his ears were burning. His heart racing and his hands shaking. He feared for the worst. She had to be different than all the other girls who did him wrong. Girls like Paulina and Asya who insisted that they loved him but played the game of popularity well. If you didn't know Terrence you would think he was player seeing how he was probably one of sexiest people you would ever met. But he was the victim his heart torn out of his chest to be stepped on byevery other girl in school taking Paulina and Asya's side.

But when he met Anita he knew she was different. She may have been friends with Jeanelle (someone who he wasn't to found of but learned to love after he Anita went out) he loved Anita still. It wasn't as if he fell in love with every girl he's ever dated he has gone out with plenty of girls.

When he dated Paulina there were together for four months but knew each other since second grade. He thought he was her friend that she could be trusted but he learned his lesson. She was spreading rumors that made him seem more like a player. They're four months of dating were turned to two weeks by gossipers to make Terrence's image more troubled and dramatic.

" Tell me again what you said?" He asked again just hoping that Anita was just nervous because she was about to sleep with him.

She bit her lip and lowered her head making sure not to make eye contact with him. She knew about his past girlfriends knew she was going to be just like Paulina and Asya. She cleared her throat her tears choking her she sniffled a bit.

It stared pouring outside. Then thunder was booming the ground now shaking. The lightning from outside made a streak of light across Terrence's face from the window.

" I don't love you. I..."

But before she could finish he jumped of his bed and threw her clothes beside her. " Get the fuck out." It was just to much to hear.

Now she crying. Her chest heaving her heart pounding. " I'm so sorry."

" Get the fuck out!" He slipped on his boxers.

What am I going to do? She thought about that over and over again. She grabbed her clothes trying to slip on her panties but she just kept crying.

He walked out his room and slammed the door.

She tried to stop crying she new she put all of this on herself. She wanted to keep Jason but she didn't want to hurt Terrence anymore. After putting on her clothes she opened the door to see no Terrence in sight.

It was raining hard her clothes sticking to her skin. Cold and shaking she continued walking in the rain, too tired and guilty to run home. She deserved it and she couldn't complain because she was getting off easy.

She was still crying not knowing why.

She hadn't notice the car on the street honking for the past five minutes. She turned her head her stomach sinking. It was Terrence.

She looked at the black tinted windows confused. The passenger window rolled down.

" Get in."

They drove in silence. For fifteen minutes he had not acknowledge her he kept his eyes on the road his hand tight on the steering wheel. They were going down a familiar road.

" Why did you do it? How come you just didn't say no when I asked you out?"

" Because everybody wanted you. You wanted me. But I did like you but not like that. I thought because I was 17 that is wasn't suppose to last any way."

" Why tell me now?"

" Because there's someone else."

He turned a corner he hands still gripping to the steering wheel. " Do I know him?"

Please don't let it be David. His stomach turned.

" No."

" He goes to our school?"

" No."

" Are you lying to me?"

" No."

" What school does he go to?"

Anita felt uncomfortable being interrogated. She cleared her throat not knowing what to expect. " James K. Morton."

" That private school?"

" Yeah."

" With all those rich white kids?"

" Yeah James K. Morton."

He was silent then finally spoke up. " You cheated on me with some white kid?"

How was she suppose to answer that?

" You cheated on me because you got a fucking fetish!" He was hysterical. He felt betrayed, jealous, angry and all emotions you could possibly experience altogether. It was not a good feeling.

He pulled in her driveway a place he was so familiar with. He's never been in her house or anywhere near the front porch.

" I'm sorry."