A/N: I don't have a dog, but one of my friends had a dog that I fell in love with. He was put down a while ago and I wrote this for him a few weeks on.

For Seazer:

I smile and find tears in my eyes.
It's a happy kind of sadness;
Whenever I think of him,
I remember him bouncing into the room,
Jumping up,
And licking my face!

He was beautiful.
He still is.
It's our memories that hold us together when we lose someone.
And every memory I have, of the only dog I have ever loved, is filled with joy.
Even in the intense sadness of burying him,
He was still beautiful.

And after all;
What is life without and occasionally licked face?

A/N2: The last line should be read as a happy one not a statement of loss.