You're Here, Always

I can't say that you are nothing to me now
Because I know that, truthfully, you are a part of me and my life
My Past.
Next Monday is the anniversary of the day you want away
And it's almost as sorrowful as the day it all started
Strange to think that five years on, I've been through it all
And out the other side (then back in and out again) and now it's okay
Just being me.
There's a definite pang in my heart when I think of you
But now it's hard to tell what sort of pang
It's not like before.
So I suppose that's it, you're just you and I'm just me
And there isn't much else to think on; stuff happened and now it's done
I've still got a long way to go but the horizon is looking a little closer now
And I realise that although you're still in it, it's worth a bit more struggling
To live like this.