Would You Stop Killing Me Already?

Life seems so strange,

Heh, it's funny how things end up,

I hate how things are,

I hate the lies poured to me in a glass cup…

I thought better of you,

You even crawled into a few of my dreams,

I've wanted to say much,

But right now all I want to do is scream!

I want to punch you so hard,

Tell you how mad I am that you could do this to me,

I want to knock sense into you,

And tell you how blind you are for not being able to see…

You're killing me right now,

Every look at the two of you is a punch to my stomach…

Heh, it makes me kind of mad,

That you would believe she actually loves you,

And it makes me a bit sad,

When I think that I could never be loved like her too,

If you did this to kill me inside,

Be happy to know that through all this you succeed,

You know she's always lied,

You can't see me hurting, are u proud of your deed?

You seem better off without me,

And maybe I should just stop looking to you,

I know you'll never see,

I look to you, you look past me like I'm see through…

Can you not see what's fake and what's true?

Why can't you see that I still care about you?!

Your invisibly crying angel,

Who cries inside and won't show her true tears,

Your quietly falling angel,

Who tries to be strong through all she fears,

I fear you two being together…

Your angel with soft eyes,

Wingless and fragile, you can take my hand,

I'll lift you to my shoulders,

And I'll never let you fall down again…

Don't stab me in the back for it…

Eventually I'll let go,

You'll fall into her arms as I'm falling down,

You'll accept her 'love' lies,

And I'll turn my face to the waters to cry as I drown.

How could you do this to me?

You had two ways to fall,

And you decided she was the path you would take,

You love her who tells you lies,

And leave me to cry over my own heartache…

Heh, if I told you it was killing me,

Would you stop this pain?

If I admitted to you that I still see,

You looking like you're so insane,

Would you admit that you love me?