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Chapter 2

"Please, don't scream." The body said to me, its eyes pleading in the exact way a dead person's eyes should not.

I blinked, my own eyes wide with fear and the realization that I was starting to feel faint. My hands were frozen on the autopsy table, vise like against the metal edge. I could feel every bone in my body quivering as much as it possibly could.

The body shook its head and looked cautiously toward the door at the top of the small flight of stars. It was aware that I was not the professional, and I could tell he-it was worried that my mother would walk back through the door.

My hands were shaking too bad to hold on. I whimpered, not because of the fact that a dead boy was holding me in his arms, but because of the fact that I was nearly fainting.

"Please. I'm not suppose to be here. Don't scream."

I nodded, my hands letting go of the table. His grip slacked around my mouth, and I could feel his cold fingers relaxing. I could tell the moment I made a noise he was going to slap his hand against my face to silence me.

I stayed quiet and very still.

"Are you alright? You look as though you're about to faint." He smiled, his hand falling further away from my face. I stared up at him incredulously.

"You're on an autopsy table, presumed dead…and you're asking me if I'm alright?" I croaked, letting my feet fall flat against the floor. I slowly raised myself up to stand, glancing cautiously at the door to wager if I could make a run for it.

Of course, as soon as I burst through the door, screaming 'IT'S ALIVE!' they'll send me straight to the psychiatric ward. It was then that I noticed he-it had a grip on my wrist still. We both looked to our hands. He was the first to look back up.

"I won't hurt you."

"Says the dead boy."

"I'm not a zombie.." He pleaded, trying to make me understand. It was a bit hard to fathom a person being dead, who had no pulse, with no life at all could spring up on the autopsy table, fully alive.

I shook my head, backing further away. His hand still gripped mine, making me pull at it. He slid his legs off the table, the sheet falling from his knees but still resting in his lap, covering…his…well, you know. I blushed and looked at the ground.

"Please…" He begged, his voice quieter now. I glanced back up at him through my eyelashes.

"If the doctor comes back down here, don't tell her you saw me."

"I…She knows you're here…doesn't she?"

He nodded, his eyes narrowing in almost a painful expression. He winced and stretched his shoulders back. The sound of his back popping almost echoed in the quiet of the morgue. I shivered for the millionth time.

"Lie for me. That's all I ask. I don't belong here, and I have to get out." I couldn't help but stare into his dark eyes as he pleaded with me. Before I could realize what I was doing, I nodded and hurried over to the file cabinets.

I momentarily noticed that my hand was much warmer now that he wasn't holding it. Shaking my head, I pulled open the bottom drawer where the doctors were instructed to bring the victim's clothing and belongings. I looked at the plastic bags and held one up. "Do you remember what you were wearing?"

"A pair of jeans and a black sweater. I can't remember much else." He stood from the autopsy table, quick to wrap the sheet around his mid-drift. I cleared my throat and checked each label on the bags. Quickly, I came to a blank label that matched the tag that had dangled from his toes earlier.

I looked back and down, smirking slightly at the yellow tag that laid against his foot on the cold tile of the floor. "Here. I think these are yours. Hurry and get dressed…"

I turned my back to him, something that Noah would scold me for doing. He had a creepy feeling about this place already, and turning his back to someone who had jumped up from an autopsy table after being pronounced dead was something he wouldn't have done.

I ignored the sound of Noah's incredulous voice in the back of my head and glanced quickly over my shoulder. The boy's pants were on, and he was slipping into his sweater. I turned completely around and grabbed my book bag, heaving it onto the table.

I quickly snatched a piece of paper out of a notebook and scribbled a note to mom. She was gonna be pissed at me for taking a cab, but I didn't have time to care. Before I could finish the note, I looked up at the boy. "Wait. Did my mother see you at all? Did she look at you before she left?"

"The doctor was your mother?" Surprise was evident in his voice. "No. She didn't. The staff brought me in, and she was called out almost immediately after. I only saw her out from under the corner of the sheet…" I nodded and signed my name to the note, adding that a staff member came to get the dead boy.

She would have to be satisfied with that excuse. I turned to the boy and put a hand up, halting him before he could run out up the stairs and out into the hospital. "I have a feeling someone will notice you. We can go out the other way."

Unfortunately, the other way was a dark, damp hallway filled with the pungent smell of something very musty. I hated going back there, even if it was just to throw the broom into the broom closet that happened to be in the hallway.

It was narrow, and lit with single bulb lights in equal spaces apart on the ceiling. I wrinkled my nose as I opened the slender door and stepped through the door frame. The yellow lights made the hallway look more uninviting, and I could feel the boy's presence behind me.

It was like a sudden epiphany hit me full force. Here I was, breaking rules that I'm sure would be punishable by some sort of whipping. But, not only was I going against the rules, I was leading a dead person out of the hospital.

My heart sped up like a freight train as the panic set in. I tried to close my eyes, to calm my harsh, heavy breathing, but it was no use. I was about to have a panic attack. A hand gripped my shoulder, pulling me back slightly.

"I know nothing I can say will calm you down, but you shouldn't be afraid. Please, let me lead." He whispered, as if fearing someone would hear us escaping. I turned and pressed my back against the wall, averting my eyes.

He had to press himself against me to slide past, and no touch was left unnoticed by me. I felt every muscle he pressed against my stomach and arms, every small whisper his clothes left on my exposed hands and arms.

I held my breath, forcing my eyes down. I couldn't look at him, I was afraid.

Squeezing my eyes tightly, I let him lead, pushing off of the wall to follow. I looked over my shoulder once or twice every other step, just in case. But, it wasn't needed. No one would follow us; no one knew we were even here.

I gulped and turned back to the boy in front of me, studying the way he walked down the hall. For someone to have been announced dead, he was moving quite fluidly, almost dancing. His feet made no noise on the wet pavement beneath him, while my tennis shoes slapped at it.

The door to the back of the hospital was before is in no time. The metal bar going horizontally across it shone to me like a beacon out of a storm. I sighed in relief, watching as the boy curled his pale fingers around it…but, he paused.

I watched him look at me over his shoulder, a darkness befalling his presence. I suddenly shivered, narrowing my eyes. "What?" I whispered.

"We have to hurry. Someone is in the autopsy room."

My heart leaped into my throat and I nearly pushed him out into the pouring rain before we could be caught. He slid to the side to let me shut the door before I turned to him with a smile. My hair was already soaking wet by now, as was his.

"Will you explain everything to me now?"

He shook his head, grabbing my elbow with a bit of force. I was pulled to his side before we all but ran into the back parking lot, where the doctors parked. Shining Mercedes and BMW's sat neatly in their rows and parking spaces. I couldn't spot my mother's car, but that was probably because she hardly parked back here.

My sneakers slipped on the wet concrete as we crossed the parking lot, walked across the street and made it a block away. I finally had enough of being pulled along. I jerked my elbow away from him and put my finger in his face. "STOP! I demand you tell me who you are and why you were…I mean, how you…Just, explain what just happened!"

"What's your name?" He said a bit loudly to make himself heard over the downfall. I blinked the raindrops off my eyelashes. "Emily."

"Emily, I can't explain things to you here. It's too…" He paused, looking at the passing traffic. The tires from the cars were splashing water and mud on our feet. I barely noticed. "…complicated. I have to find shelter. Very soon." He said looking up at the thunder clouds.

"We can go to my house." The logic in my brain had apparently disappeared, leaving behind stupidity and moronic thoughts. How could I bring home a dead person?! Ok, technically, he isn't dead since he's standing before me, talking to me…

But, every law in physics and biology and chemistry tells me he is. I bit my lip and nodded, ignoring my mother's science. "Yeah. We'll go to my house and we'll get dried off and you can explain to me why I just rescued a dead person from the hospital."

Despite the fact that he was dead, he had a very charming smile.

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