Legend of the Wolf Champion


The leaves rustle as the wind blows through the dark starry night. The smell of fear rises with the wind and carries itself to the senses of the predator. A twig snaps and the blur of a small animal darts through the foliage. The movement is instantaneously followed by a swift moving creature. A game of chase begins quickly and ends almost as fast, as the prey is caught in the jaws of the predator.

Tonight was the royal hunt competition. It takes place once every five years on the first full moon of the new year. The objective is to catch a large animal in the dark and bring it back for judging. If edible, the king will hold a feast in honor of the hunter and his glorious catch. If not edible, the animal is to be added to the king's collection of heads in his castle den. The competition is known as the Nightfall Hunter competition. The best hunters in the King's land come to participate. The competition is held in the kingdoms forest, which is vast and large, and is known to have quite a bit of prey and game.

The forest is also known to hold danger. The danger being the infamous and rebellious wolf pack only known as the Wolves of the West. For some strange reason these wolves are different than any other wolf pack. Some say they can talk, others say they are ravenous werewolves that feed on the blood of humans. Many a legend has arisen about the Wolves of the West. Some farfetched and ridiculous, others experienced first hand by old hunters. No one knows what these wolves are really capable of, all that is known is that on the night of the Hunter competition some hunters do not return, and others are wounded badly. Some say the wolves attack on this night out of rebellion and anger towards man for stealing their game and prey. Some say that it always has something to do with the full moon, that the moon changes the wolves into killing monsters.

Whatever the rumor or truth may be, the competition always takes place. It has been a long tradition of the kingdom of Bennett. The best hunters test their skill against the darkness as they find the biggest of game. Over coming the odds of the darkness and danger, the hunter must be prepared for all things. If one prevails over the others, he is to be part of a great history in the kingdom.