Please don't give up…

Dedicated to Tommy…

Please don't give up…

The distance between us

Makes it hard to be

We try to stay strong

Though at times we get weak

I do think about you constantly

Wondering what you are doing

Hoping your okay and

You know that I care

At times I am sad

Wanting you to be here as

I long for your touch

The caress of you tender hands

We can make this work

As long as we believe it can

With every beat of my heart

I don't want this to end

But some days go by without you

Though I know that it's hard

Those days it's hard to go on

Not knowing what's going on

Trying to go on and wait as

I plead to god that everything's okay as

I long for your hug

The tight squeeze of comfort

I try not to break down

But it's hard to stay strong

Knowing that you're probably in pain

Please hold on for our love

So scared to lose you

Only wanting us to be forever

Tears roll down my cheeks

Knowing one day I could lose you

Though I know there is nothing I can do

But sit here and let go of you as

I long for you to hold me

Tell me everything will be okay

You make me smile so easily

Wishing those days lasted forever

As you make me smile

I dream of you here with me

But only dreaming wishing it were true

Knowing we both will be happier

Though all we can do is hold on

Keeping each other's hearts safely secure

Waiting until the day we meet

Because our love is worth the fight as

I long for your kiss

The sweet touch of your lips

We could be closer knowing

That we will be inseparable

Holding on to what we have

Could eventually be so much more

You mean so much to me

I love you so much

So I will keep holding on

I won't let us go

Our love could last forever

If we pull through the distance as

I long to love you

No matter what happens

Please don't give up….