A/N: this is a rave I wrote for my composition class. It did great...it was termed my "joyful" essay.

Life is Sweet when you're the "Cookie God"

Christmas with all its holiday cheer seems incomplete without a large confection of decorated cookies. Ok, chocolate chip cookies are good, but you can make those any day of the year. No, I'm talking about freshly iced gingerbread men, still hot from the oven, scenting the air with cinnamon and ginger; Christmas trees sprinkled with crystallized sugar, reindeer, and an occasional cherubic Santa Claus with a fluffy marshmallow hat. Now there's holiday spirit. Adding a drizzle of melted chocolate is just enough to make the whole process positively sinful.

The whole point of making Christmas cookies is not simply to eat them (though it plays a major role), but to create a work of art in the process. Rolling out the dough and smoothing flour into the small, hair-like crevices, I can never help fantasizing about the finished product lying on a crystal plate, ready to be dunked into a glass of milk. Though shaping the cookies proves somewhat trying on my nerves, the buttery crispness and smooth sugary bliss remains clear in my mind, as I cut the dough into holiday shapes with cookie cutters. Lathering vibrant shades of icing onto each cookie in various designs makes each distinctive in its own unique way. In a sense, they are the Adams and Eves and I the "cookie god," creating each one to suit a specific portion of my personality.

A sense of pride accompanies the art of making cookies. There's something invigorating about getting to play the creator and mold a shapeless lump of dough into being, breathing life into each design with a distinct, varying creativity so that no two reindeer or Christmas tree is alike. One Santa might have a forest green beard instead of snowy white or sport a rainbow hat instead of the traditional red. One year, a snowman even posed as Napoleon, when his right arm mysteriously disappeared under questionable circumstances. Needless to say, it's always important (well more likely enjoyable) to execute a "test taste" every once in awhile. The unfortunate victim usually ends up either as some prodigious leader of cookie-kind (like a mouth-watering reincarnation of Napoleon) or as an unfortunate soul lost to a moreā€¦extensive test taste.

Having (if only for cookie making) the power to create and to destroy without any qualms has an almost drug-like effect, a sort of heady happiness and malicious (well I am devouring a cookie that I molded, cooked, and brought to life) glee with only the craving for a cold glass of milk. Though I might feel initially distraught in consuming one of my "masterpieces," I always find that afterwards, I never regret it.