Stay away from a poet

she's dangerous, double crossed

looks behind her in the mirror and sees only


her reflection

reflecting on things that went wrong in every thing you did

and everything you were,

she'll write down your history

mornings surrounded by music and kisses

kisses and the strains of blue shades

afternoons walking down faceless halls

faceless classes and faceless students


evenings were heaven

stay away from a poet

she'll take every movement you make

strip it bare and lay clean the reality

breathe life into decisions that you never thought twice about

or thought once

extrapolate the reasons that you look at her

from the corner of your eye and across the room

she'll take angel and make devil

take white and make black

nothing is safe from the power of art

power of belief and inscribing our past in stone

stay away from a poet

the heartbreak of a molded childhood has already made her unstable

push her a little farther and watch her just

topple over the edge

or better yet

watch her watch you because what you don't know

is the way your hope sits in other people's laps

sparing less than half a thought for your well being

stay away from a poet 'cause we're smart

too smart

and we cut to the heart of the matter

and enhance it for everyone to see

Poetry Speaks Truth.