unforeseen consequences

the chance that life would be tainted in a way

that I could never let be

music is everywhere

and so is our past


the pain and release in every essence

from elegy to dance

weave itself as not just music, but memories

the magician's son, the magic in creating songs

that I will never shake free of you

every new voice that climbs in

is a new string to bind me

no other in our community hears the voices

like we do

soprano voice trills and sets up heartbreak

a fugue isn't only a mental state i'd like to achieve

but something that i'll never share the same way again

ironic that in hadyn

the key of c minor

on percussive string and double reed

he almost never wrote in

a serious key of pain

and we played them both

you were wrong when you said

he had everything and music too

only you and me, babe

only you and me