Not Guilty

He can hurt me with but a single harsh word

A throbbing undertone of unsympathetic truth

I deliberated this; to release my heart to only him

And let him mark what scars he may

Whatever scars he may chance to place upon my body

I stand with my arms open

He poises to hug me but fingers scrape my open wounds

True love never hurt so much

The movies portray it as flawless

True love is something else indeed

Pain is love.

I understand it the way I understand everything

I twist it to flow with my mind's eye

And he knows that his love is pain

I know my love is his pain

My tears emanate beyond his eyes

He can never cry all the tears I've cried for him

But he can start

Stopping my diamonds crashing delicately down my face

Might create a chance equalize our fates

Our fates entwined

Our hearts dissolved so thoroughly in one another

We cannot help but hurt each other

Sacrifice beyond blood and soul

I understand when they say

It's not that easy.