Goodbye Means Nothing

Forbidden glances across forbidden feelings

Dance with me your eyes say

Liquid pools of windows to twin souls and hearts

Made for another life, another time

She's only eighteen, framed in the tender grip of youth

Slim and sleek in the way she moves

Captivating in the way only love can be

He can't keep his eyes off her limelight and the arms not his wrapped around her waist

The miles and miles were almost worth it,

But this wound is one of those that won't stop bleeding

And it could be every time her smile breaks and the rain drives everything but temptation and definition away

Everything but temptation

He's leaving again and he hadn't come yet before she drove him away

But she always calls him back

He's awkward, insecure, but too beautiful to refuse when tears are running down her face

She pushes him away and asks for him back

And knows he dreams of her at night, posed in artistic light and form

He is doomed and steadfast, but the chooses to forget that voice every night

It's a game of despair they play, dancing through Sunday…

A game of despair

Every day is a battle neither in willing to admit

She keeps saying stop, but he keeps feeling She will be loved and forbidden glances across forbidden feelings must within their despair

Scent plays havoc on their senses every time their eyes meet

And hearts bleed every time they turn away

But it will be forever until it ends, because they know it's not meant to be, in this life, in this time

Not meant to be

But it doesn't stop them from hoping

Hoping that this time…