It's no fault of my own

Now I struggle all alone

I can't do this by myself

I really need your help

I haven't been here before

But I'm just lying on the floor

Hoping you hear my cries

I sit in a puddle and feel the pains grow

I need someone's help

Not his though

He helped me once

That's why you aren't here

You think it's my fault

But it's my fear

I had no choice

But rather I slept

And now

I'm lying in a puddle

As the pains grow

Panic is rising

And I push

I don't mean to

For no one is here to help

To catch

The other innocent

In this crime

I told you I don't know him

I just need your help

Won't you look past your 'facts'

And save at least the innocent?

My innocent

My child

I know not his father

His fatherhood forced

I want my child

Not this uncertainty

Not a dream of unconscious consent

I'm lying in a puddle on the floor

I'm crying for help

I'm terrified

I'm not ready

But I need your help

I can't save this child of mine

I need you, even if you don't want me

I need you, while blood mixes

With the puddle

And I scream

My scream is joined by another

My child has come

But you have not

Please, I just need your help

I don't know how

To care for my child

I have not the strength to call

I have not the energy to fight

Someone save my beloved

He's all I have

He's bloody and small

But he's mine

And he is fatherless

I never saw his father

I never met his father

I never knew his father

But I see him

And I need your help

To save him, if not me also

From, his father

Here lies my baby in a puddle

Of blood, of water, of crime

But we are innocent

Won't you help us?