How can they understand?

How can they understand the agony,

Understand the pain

Understand the need

Understand me

I need to bleed

I need to feel

I need control

Everything passes by

Everyone tells me what to do

Everyone hurts sometimes

I hurt all the time

My days are dark

The sun shines

A cloud covers it

Shields it from me

Everyone else sees it

Person of extremes

Light or dark

I can't have either

I have grey

Can't make it white

So I'll make it black forever

World of darkness

Scared of the dark

Dark can comfort

Dark can kill

When no one sees you

You see no one

You're all alone

You ring them just to hear their voice

They're too busy

They mean well

They can't help

They don't understand

They never can

Those who understand, feel like me

Then they die

Can't cope with the pain

I can't either

Not any more

Not without help

That can't be given

I won't talk

No one'd believe me

They'd all laugh

Want to hate them





No one to talk to

No one who can listen

No one who will listen

No one who does listen

They ask me to talk

I talk all the time

They don't understand the words

They're too clever to understand me

Their brains are complex

Mine is screwed up, but simple

Simplicity is a hard concept

It's too simple

For clever people to "get"

They ask me how I feel

Read this

Then you might understand

But who would want to?

Who'd take the time?

So much to do

And they have so little time

And when they're done

They'll be remembered forever

I'll be forgotten

What's the point in life

Just to be forgotten when you die

Some accomplish so much

Others nothing

Everyone loves babies

Hates teenagers

Likes adults

Being hated is hard

I can't cope with it

Does anyone care?

Does anyone know?

How can anyone love

When it's so close to hate

Why can't I hate

It'd be less painful than love

There is no like

There is no dislike

There is love and hate

And they are the same

Everyone feels the same

Double - edged sword,

Interpreted differently.