Fecund brook by which I build
Brazen buildings bellow, filled
Up with lattices of stone
Marble bridges lined with gold
Arboretum rife with light,
My cartharses and delight
Rapids rushing down the ridge
Monkeys, mem'ries, and a midge

Sciss'ry searing singings cease
Songs resign themselves to dreams
Florid fountains filled with fear
Drought that desiccates the dear
Rivers rendered reaped, recalled
Heartbeats heaping halt, enthralled
Dried, the desert dreams of death
Dammed, the river comes to rest

Water, weakened, wills to burst
Listless legions learn the worst
Stalwart, I convoke the clouds
Tempests near to lift the shroud
Straining, spates submerge the silt
Spilling sounds serrate and jilt
Fulgent fervor fills my frame
Dying embers turn to flame