Anna was walking down a dark, long hallway. She didn't know where she was or where she was going. Then she heard The Voice whispering, "Anna, Anna, my little Anna. Nobody likes or loves you. Your going to die tonight." in a singsong mocking tone. She looked around her looking for The Voice, always forgetting that He always hides. Anna took a deep breath and scream into the empty room "Who are you? Why I do I have to die? Is it because I protect myself by killing others?" She became frightened when The Voice answered her with the truth, "Because you kill not for protecting yourself but for sport. Don't worry my little Anna I'm not going to harm you. Death always kills his messengers. Bye my Anna."

Anna started to cry. She didn't want to hear about her old friend Death. Death was the only truthful and faithful friend she had. Anna was almost in a trance when she got into her backpack to get her other truthful and faithful friend, her long shiny knife. Then suddenly the hallway got bright. Anne blinked her eyes and saw her brother, her mean, cruel, lying brother. The Voice got all excited and started to yell kill over and over. Anna had no choice but to obey. Her knife went into her brother like as cutting into butter. Red blood stained his white shirt and blue jeans. He let out a death rattle and everything was quiet. Anna stopped screaming and calmly looked at her artwork. She smiled liked the Mona Lisa. The Voice looked at the mess she made and sighed. The Voice told her "Good Anna, Little Anna. Now I want you to do something for me. I want you to die for me. Die Anna, die for me."

She didn't ask any questions. She took her long knife slit both wrists to the bone. With the blood flowing down the knife was slippery but she managed to put her knife in a main artery in her neck. She died unloved and unwanted. But Death came and took her hand. He made Anna watch life over. The victims, her friends and family floated in front of her. Death made them go away and escorted Anna straight to Hell.

The End