Her teeth chattered, obviously cold, but who wouldn't be? On October 27, at 7 PM, it was bound to be cold. But her high school was finally having their first winning streak in six years, so she had to be there. Maybe that was where the random burst of school spirit came from.

Jane Playne was not used to going to school events. She normally had no reason to. She was a freshman, and for a freshman to come to one of these things normally wasn't a good thing. Everyone hated the freshman, maybe it's a good thing that you only had to be a freshman once.

Her eyes watched the cheerleaders in perfect formation. For a moment wished that she had long blond hair, blue eyes and was a perfect size 2. Instead she was stuck in her body, long brown hair, green eyes, and a whopping size 9 in jeans.


Jane and her friend Samantha stood up pulling their hands out of the pouches in their sweatshirts.

"I just can't believe, this is the fourth game in a row we have won." Jane remarked to Samantha as her school got a field goal.

"It is hard to believe isn't it?"

"Maybe now we will move up to a league of less suckage."

Samantha laughed with Jane, and shook her head. Jane turned to look up at her other friend. She had been waiting for this night for some time now, the ability to be a teenager girl with friends and a social life.

"So I'm thinking that maybe we could all hang out tomorrow. Celebrate the winning of this game. Honestly, it is just too good to pass up." Tina Marques concluded with a mysterious tone in her voice.

Tina and Samantha Marques were sisters, and very much alike. Both had long strawberry blond hair, and were each 5'8". There were few differences between the two. Where Tina had pin strait hair, Samantha had curly bouncy hair, and had a more edgy look while her sister stuck with the elegant beauty look.

"Damn its cold." Jane said, not yet responding. She hadn't really been paying attention, her mind was on two things. She was paying attention to the non feeling in her hands, and the football game before her.

"Why don't you come tomorrow Jane, We'll hang at the mall, shop a little, even look at boys, you know, all that fun stuff." Tina tilted her head looking at her hoping she would say yes. Each of the 3 girls were shaking, their teeth chattering. The slight rain wasn't helping at all, only to matt Jane's bangs to her face.

"Sure, I just have to ask my parents."

Now that was going to be tricky, the reason that Jane never really got to go anywhere. Her parents were, for some odd reason, constantly on her about going out and spending time with her friends. Both her parents would say that they were a bad influence, when they really weren't. But wasn't that what every teenager is supposed to believe?

"I'm going to go get a hot chocolate. I think my hands might fall off from how cold it is out." Jane stood up looking at the group informing them of the decision just before walking off.

Standing at the concession stand, she looked over at her older sister's boyfriend. They said nothing to one another, except her order. She looked up at him, not sure of what to say. They had never exactly gotten along ever, and since the accidental kiss? No way would that get better.

"How have you been?" He asked her, looking down at her as he handed her the hot chocolate. Jane shrugged uncomfortably.

"I've been good." She paused, "Nice to see you." Instantly she turned ignoring any jumbled words he had to say.

As Jane turned to hurry away, she felt her body collide with something else, or rather, someone else. She felt her hot chocolate pour all over her clothes, and her mouth opened instantly in shock. Then that's when the smoldering hot feeling started to affect her. She looked up at the boy who she had walked into, and he was looking down at his hot chocolate covered clothes. He eventually brought his eyes up to hers, a look of concern almost crossing his face.

"I am so sorry." His soft voice was the sweetest thing she had ever heard. Add that to his pale grey eyes that looked genuinely sorry. His friends stopped and looked Jane up and down, then back at the beautiful boy.

"Dumb clutz." One of the boys mumbled under his breath. The boy turned and looked at his friend with a dirty look.

"Are you okay?" He asked. He actually cared. That was a surprise to Jane. Someone bothered to pay attention to her.

"I-I-I I'm fine." She stuttered on, he offered her a small smile before a small blond girl stood next to him, her arm wrapping protectively around his arm. See, here in Highpoint, boys were like rare gems, and they were to be watched over constantly.

"Lets go Max." She girl said dragging him away. A group of his friends stood near here, and pointed and laughed at her mockingly, just to be mean. Instantly Jane left, seeing as she was only a short walk from her high school, she walked home, hoping maybe she could sneak in after curfew. It wasn't until she consulted her watch that she realized it was after curfew in the first place.

As Jane climbed through the window of her room, her light flickered on and she froze closing her eyes. She didn't even have to look into the reflection on her window to know that her mother was standing behind her. It was that motherly sixth sense.

"Your grounded, end of discussion." Her mother, Alice left things up to no debate. Jane, being the obedient daughter she was hung her head letting her brown hair dip into her eyes. She sat on the edge of the bed, sulking for a moment when her sister opened the door.

"Smooth move ex-lax." Her older sister Brittany never had anything to worry about, she was the perfect sibling, that was the way that everything went. Her dad would always hold her up to Brittany's example. Brittany was older, prettier and blonder. Probably even smarter too.

After her sister left, she looked up at her mirror. Her self pity was overflowing. She felt miserable, and she just let her feelings flow.

"...I feel completely useless. I mean, I know exactly what was going through mom's head 'you should be more like Brit, she's a good girl.' Ha! Like hell I'll be like Brit. If only mom knew."

"So tell her."

Jane sat up instantly looking around for the voice that had responded, thinking it was her sister. She looked around the room, but only saw her reflection. And that's when she noticed something odd. Within her mirror image she was filing her nails.

Only issue?

There was no actual nail file in her hands. In fact, her hands were still in her pocket.


I entered this in a writing competition. It was a set story line, and this was how my chapter came out. I am NOT claiming origionality for the plot line. I was given a plot line that i had to follow only for chapter one. (The fact that she had a mirror image) I plan on continuing the rest of it with my own personality and idea's.

I stopped entering the competition becuase i didn't like where the story was headed, but here it is. I hope you all enjoyed it. I had a word limit, so i had to change some of it around, its lacking certain details, and things, but i will get into that later.